5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Couples I Ship

This week’s theme: Fictional Couples I Ship

I love shipping! I never set out to do it, but once I fall in love with the idea of two characters together, I ship it and I ship it HARD. The pairings I’m featuring here have all at one point been an OTP (one true pairing) of mine.

1. Buffy & Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
I will forever ship these two! In a show full of glorious shipping options, B/X was my ultimate OTP. I even had a shipping fan site. I recently rewatched the first season of BtVS and it only reaffirmed why I love these two together! Xander loved Buffy so much, even after she rejected him and broke his heart. Even with no supernatural powers, he always stood by her side, never giving up on her, and protected her the best he could. The bond and devotion they shared with one another made an incredibly strong friendship and it makes me sad they never got a chance to explore something romantic. (Season 8 – why, Joss, WHY?? We were SO close!!)
2. Cordelia & Angel (Angel)
These two together make me so happy! Yes, their ending is heartbreaking but besides all that, they were just so much fun and really brought out the best in each other. Honestly, after watching Angel on BtVS, I wanted nothing to do with a series about him. His character seemed so mopey and lame and I hated all the Bangel drama. In came Cordy and she made him lighten up and not take things so seriously and he actually became a fleshed out character with his fair share of humorous moments. In return, he made her care about others beside herself. They were more than merely romantic interests, they were more than friends, they were family. The progression and story of their relationship is beautiful and probably my all-time favorite.
3. Jean & Mikasa (Attack On Titan)
I’m all for unconventional pairings, but I really don’t understand why these two don’t get more love in the fandom seeing as how his attraction and admiration for her is at least definitely canon. Also, I just love all the story possibilities (Attack On Space, why did you not do more with these two??). In my opinion, Jean is definitely the most flawed and interesting character while, as a character, Mikasa is nearly flawless. Something about that dynamic really intrigues me. I would love to see Jean break down her walls and expose her more human side (and him being all nervous and awkward while doing it). If you need convincing of this pairing in the canon Titan world, do yourself a favor and read “A Ring For A Scarf.
4. Katniss & Peeta (The Hunger Games)
Team Peeta all the way!! After reading the books, all I kept thinking was “When will I meet my Peeta?” I’m obviously a fan of the loyal, nice guy who is totally devoted and unconditionally loves his lady even if it’s perhaps unrequited (see Buffy & Xander). 
5. Zuko & Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
C’mon, fire and water!! They were meant to be!! I mean, I know they couldn’t just leave Aang out in the cold and break his poor little heart, but…but…but…this was SO PERFECT!!!! 
What pairings do you ship?