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    Outfit #2: Goodbye, Summer (+ FashionIt Tote Bag Review)


    Top: American Eagle | Shorts: Forever 21 | Bag: FashionIt | Necklace: Brandy Melville

    Okay, I know it’s now fall, but when you live in Los Angeles with it’s year round warm/hot weather, it can still feel like summer until November and even then… Just this past weekend the highs were still in the 90s! Crazy, right? I mean, I grew up in Florida so maybe not that crazy to me but still! Give me that sweater weather already! Until then, read on to check out my last “summer” outfit of 2016.

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    October Goals & September Recap

    October Monthly Goals

    I’m not going to lie, September was a rough month. Fortunately, not due to health reasons. My health was actually doing quite well, strangely enough, despite all the emotional turmoil and distress I was under. Yes, once again, personal circumstances interfered with my blogging. I somehow did even worse this month in reaching my goals even though I cut them down from 10 to only 5 to help me focus. Yes, I’m disappointed, but I also know I did my best for what was going on in my life. As much as I love this blog, real life priorities come first. Luckily, things all worked out and I’m doing fine now.
    Anyway…it’s October now and officially fall! My favorite month and favorite season – how can I not be excited!? I already had my birthday that happened on the 2nd which was AMAZING (post coming next week) and have already posted twice (this makes three times) within the first week so this month is off to a great start! I’m hoping the good times, (relatively) good health, and good blogging continues all season long!
    I’m sticking with just 5 goals this month. We’ll see how I do and then maybe I’ll bring it back to 10 after that. I feel very optimistic that all these goals are attainable and hoping to see every one crossed off come the beginning of next month! Before I jump into these new goals, however, let’s go over September…it’s not going to be pretty.
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    San Diego Comic Con 2016 Sunday Recap

    San Diego Comic Con Sunday


    Yayyy!!! The last of my 2016 San Diego Comic Con recaps is here!! Despite the fact that the con happened over two months ago, I still decided to do this post. Why? You might say it’s pretty irrelevant at this point. Well, because in all my 10 years of attending Comic Con and almost 6 years of having this blog, I’ve never made it to writing about Sunday which is kind of sad. I always write about Preview Night and Thursday but then by the time Sunday rolls around, I’m all Comic Conn’ed out and Sunday is all but forgotten about. Not this year! With this post, I’ll finally have a full set of Comic Con recaps. Despite the personal reasons for this post, I hope you’ll still enjoy reading about the last day of my San Diego con adventure – it’s short and sweet, I promise! After all my venting in my Saturday recap, I thought it be best 🙂

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    SHEBA Meaty Tender Sticks Review

    SHEBA Meaty Sticks Review

    I love trying out and testing new products for my blog. Today, I got to switch things up a little as my wonderful kitty, Xander, helped me review a new cat treat: SHEBA Meaty Tender Sticks. Read on to see Xander’s thoughts!

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    My 27th Birthday Wishlist

    Nerdy Birthday Wishlist
    Less than 2 weeks until my 27th birthday?? Whaaa–?? Where has the year – no, YEARS gone?? I can barely wrap my head around the fact that I’m in my “mid-twenties” – it just seems too crazy! When did I become a “grown up?”

    Every year, the calendar indicates I get older, but I certainly don’t FEEL any older. Okay, my metabolism is pretty much shot and yeah, I’ve got a lot of health issues I’m dealing with but mentally I don’t feel older. Just check out the things on my birthday wishlist. ^^

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    Nerd Out 1 Year Anniversary Party

    Nerd Out App 1 Year Anniversary

    Sincere apologies to Elle on the supreme lateness of this post! I was invited to cover the Nerd Out 1 Year Anniversary Party, and if my health already putting me behind on posts wasn’t bad enough, I lost this entire post after writing it up. As you can imagine, it was beyond frustrating. You’ve already heard it a couple times now and it will probably be my motto this month as I try to catch up on last month’s posts but….better late than never, right?

    Last month, I attended the wonderfully fun and geeky 1 year anniversary party for Nerd Out at The Perky Nerd in Burbank and what a party it was! Read on for all the nerdy details!

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    September Goals + August Recap

    September Monthly Goals
    Last month certainly had its ups and downs. but I am super excited for September! Why? Because fall, of course! Fall is my favorite season AND it means my birthday is right around the corner! ^^
    Before I recap how I did with my August goals, here’s a quick life update… Sorry it might be a bit of a downer, but I’ll keep it brief.
    Despite my best efforts, I’ve gotten quite behind on my blogging. If you keep up with my posts you probably already know, but I’ve been having health issues for the last several months. I had been getting better, but this last month, it took a step backwards and my struggle with chronic pain, nausea, and depression has been getting the better of me. 
    I’m currently home in Florida with my family for a few days. I’ve, luckily, been feeling a bit better since I’ve been here and even managed to make it out to the Universal theme parks and go flying with my dad! Today, I’m seeing a neurologist and hoping to hear something good.
    As you might’ve guessed, I didn’t too hot on my August goals. It is, by far, been my worst month in terms of goals accomplished.
    This month, I only gave myself 5 total September goals because I really want to focus on these 5 things. I really hope all of them will be completed in the next monthly recap. We shall see! But first, let’s see how just how bad August was…

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    San Diego Comic Con 2016 Saturday Recap

    SDCC Hall H Line Marvel


    I’m almost done with all my San Diego Comic Con 2016 recaps – yay!! This one I’ve been sort of putting off a bit because I’m still a little sore about it. Day Three aka Saturday was a bittersweet day for my group and I. It was the one day we would all be together, and we all went into the day super excited for a long day of exciting panels within Hall H. However, due to a dire mistake made my line management, our dreams were crushed, and we endured the longest wait of our lives and vowed never to wait for Hall H ever again…okay, that’s a little dramatic, but it was kind of a dramatic day.

    Read on to find out what went down (don’t worry, there’s still a happy ending).

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