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    Star Wars Celebration Orlando: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars Celebration Orlando // The Geeky Fashionista

    In my last post, I recapped my first day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Today, I’ll be continuing on with my second day recap! While yesterday was somewhat of a disappointment due to not making it into the 40th Anniversary Celebration panel, that wasn’t the issue today. Learning our lesson, we easily made it into The Last Jedi panel.

    Keep reading for all the day’s highlights (and one unfortunate low) and don’t forget to catch up on my Day One post!

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    Star Wars Celebration Orlando: 40th Anniversary

    Star Wars Celebration Orlando // The Geeky Fashionista

    I was planning to do just one Star Wars Celebration Orlando recap post but because of the sheer number of photos I took, especially on Sunday, I decided to split it up into three posts, one for each day I was there. This post will recap my first day of the convention which I spent pretty much doing one of two things: in panels or waiting in lines to get into those panels (or waiting in line to get a wristband to wait in the line for that panel…yes, that was a thing). 

    Despite all the line waiting though, the panels were amazing and well worth the wait for any Star Wars fan! Keep reading for my experience recap and be sure to check out my cosplay post from the event as well!

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    My Top 5 Favorite Films of 2016

    Top 5 Films of 2016 // The Geeky Fashionista

    Today, I’m sharing with you my Top 5 favorite films of 2016. I know everyone is talking about the Oscar nominated films, but despite living in LA where one has access to see pretty much any movie once it’s released, with my busy schedule, I really don’t see very many. I’ll see most of the big franchise ones with friends, but other than those, my film viewing is a bit limited. However, this year had quite a few franchise films and most of them were better than average so no complaints here. 

    Keep reading for my favorite films of 2016!

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    San Diego Comic Con 2016 Friday Recap

    Comic Con 2016 Friday Recap


    Today I am finally sharing my San Diego Comic Con 2016 Friday recap! If you haven’t already read my Preview Night or Thursday posts, be sure to check them out to get caught up on my SDCC adventures! Without further adieu, let’s jump right in!

    Having turned in rather early the night before, I was super excited to get a good night’s sleep and wake up nice and early for a full day of amazing panels. As you can see on my con schedule, I had quite a full morning planned with some of my most anticipated panels (Cosplay Makeup, Geek Branding) of the entire convention. Of course, my body just had to go on the fritz that morning. For those new to the blog, I’ve had a lot of health issues over the past several months causing me to quit my law office job, stop attending classes, not drive, and for a period, unable to leave my bed. Praise God that I’m obviously doing much better now and for the most part can go back to a normal life, but I still suffer from daily (worst in the morning) abdominal pain and occasional chest pain and nausea. This particular morning, the abdominal pain was relentless, and I knew no matter how much I really wanted to see those panels or how much I tried to suck it up and bear the pain, there was just no way I was leaving my hotel room anytime soon.

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    Happy Star Wars Day!

    Happy Star Wars Day & May the Fourth Be With You!!

    I know I just did a Mother’s Day gift guide, but this turned out to be a popular post last year so I decided to do it again. To celebrate this wondrous day, I’ve put together a gift guide of 10 awesome Star Wars products that you can get that special Star Wars fan in your life or treat yourself. This post is not sponsored at all, but to make things easy on everyone, everything on this list can be purchased at either Hot Topic or Think Geek! All Star Wars merch at Hot Top is 25% and, like last year, Think Geek is running a promotion where all their Star Wars stuff is 20-60% off and you get a cute BB-8 pin (with code BB8PIN) when you spend over $30! Promotion lasts until midnight May 10th so you have some time to decide what you want but not too long! To see my list from last year, click HERE.

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    First Flight For BB-8 Jet Announced!

    Just earlier today I was daydreaming about going to Japan to see the cherry blossoms, then I received a certain press release in my inbox. I normally don’t post these things but I thought I’d go ahead and share since it combines two of my all-time favorite things: Japan + Star Wars
    ANA, Japan’s largest airline, was at a lot of the conventions last year with a model of their special BB-8 Jet. Well, i’s now time for the real, full-sized thing to take flight! It was announced over the weekend the inaugural flight of the last of it’s three special Star Wars-themed aircraft. After it’s March 27th unveiling ceremony, the BB-8 ANA JET will depart from Haneda, Japan to Los Angeles on March 29th. 
    Besides a super awesome exterior design, what else does the BB-8 JET have in store for passengers? There are specially-designed BB-8 paper cups and headrest covers and attendants will wear BB-8 aprons – cute!
    I have no idea how much an airline ticket for it will cost, but going to Japan is one of my top bucket list items and I can’t think of a more “me” way to cross that item off my list than to fly over on a Star Wars themed jet! What’s also kind of neat is that while ANA has two other Star Wars-themed aircraft, this is the only one with flights to the US (current routes are Haneda to LA and Narita, Japan to New York, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC and Singapore). The R2-D2 JET is currently only international flights (Haneda to Beijing, Paris, Sydney, Munich, Jakarta) and the STAR WARS JET is only domestic Japan flights.
    If you’re like me and hope to fly on this adorable jet one day, your dream might come true! ANA is hosting a sweepstakes where one lucky winner and a friend will get a pair of round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to Tokyo on the first outbound flight! To enter and for more details, visit If you’re wondering, yes, I’ve already entered xD Full press release after the cut.
    What themed aircraft would you like to see next?

    Los Angeles, March 4, 2016 – ANA, Japan’s largest airline, announced today the inaugural flight of the final of three aircraft decorated with special Star Wars livery. Part of the previously announced ANA STAR WARS™ Project the last aircraft, the BB-8™ ANA JET (Boeing 777-300), featuring the new character from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will roll out on March 27 and commence international routes.


    After unveiling the aircraft in a ceremony on March 27 at Osaka’s Itami Airport, where the special livery was applied, the aircraft will make a one-off domestic flight as ANA22 from Itami to Haneda, before departing the airport at five minutes past midnight on the following day (March 29) as flight ANA106 to Los Angeles, marking the start of the aircraft’s international service. The aircraft is then scheduled to fly various international routes, principally routes linking Haneda, Narita and US – Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Houston.
    Passengers on the BB-8™ ANA JET will experience the world of Star Wars with specially-designed BB-8 paper cups and headrest covers and cabin attendants will wear BB-8 aprons. On the R2-D2™ ANA JET, which is already in service (Boeing 787-9 flying international routes), cabin attendants wear R2-D2 aprons.
    One lucky winner and a friend will be among the first to experience the BB-8™ ANA JET with a pair of round-trip economy class tickets from Los Angeles to Tokyo on the first outbound flight through the BB-8™ ANA JET SWEEPSTAKES.  50 other winners will receive a special BB-8™ ANA JET model plane.  Fans can enter to win now. For more details, visit
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    Forever 21 Star Wars Collection

    With The Force Awakens right around the corner, Star Wars merchandise is everywhere – and I’m not complaining. Last Friday, Forever 21 launched their latest Star Wars collection which includes items not just for women, but men and children as well. Seeing as how it’s one of my favorite stores, I was super excited by this news. Upon checking out the website, I was immediately drawn to the pajama tops and bottoms as they seemed like the products I myself would most likely actually wear. My three favorite pieces are the Plush PJ Shorts ($10.90), PJ Top ($12.90), and PJ Tank ($9.90). All super cute and super affordable!


    The collection also includes trendy pieces like crop tops, graphic tees, sweatpants, hoodies, and pullovers with an overall minimalist aesthetic. 
    Then there are the even trendier, more unique pieces like two bodysuits, a bodycon dress, and a PJ jumpsuit. To see the entire collection click HERE.
    I eagerly stopped by a Forever 21 store over the weekend in Hollywood to check out the line. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the three pajama pieces that I really wanted to buy. They did have just about all the other Women’s clothing items and Men’s too which were nice to see in person. I did not purchase anything as while some of the pieces are cute, I’m saving my money for some slightly higher quality items (and the PJ items that weren’t available).
    Fun fact: I did not realize this initially since they cut off half of his face in the photos, but the male model is actually my friend Troy who is also represented by the talent agency I work at.
    What do you think of Forever 21’s Star Wars line?
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    My First D23 Expo – Friday!

    What is this? Another convention already? Yes! After Star Wars Celebration and San Diego Comic Con, I end my summer of conventions with Disney’s biennial D23 Expo in Anaheim. It is their fourth expo since 2009 and my first time attending it. Even though I do consider myself a big Disney fan, I had no idea they had their own convention! I never would have known about this event if it weren’t for my boyfriend, Luke, who went in 2013.

    Like most conventions, there was still a good bit of waiting in lines involved before the convention even started. Luckily, it gave us plenty of time to decide what we wanted to do during the day.

    First up on our schedule was the Disney Legends Awards Show. I had no idea what to expect, and it completely blew my mind. Disney certainly knows how to throw a truly magical awards show! In between honoring Danny Elfman, Susan LucciGeorge Lucas, and others who have made significant contributions to the Disney legacy, there were wonderful performances to keep you entertained. Some of these were Ne-Yo singing Aladdin’s “Never Had A Friend Like Me” as a tribute to Robin Williams, Tony winner James Monroe Iglehart singing “Oogie Boogie’s Song” from Nightmare Before Christmas, and dancers from Dancing With the Stars ballroom dancing to music from Sleeping Beauty.

    The show concluded with a surprise announcement that Johnny Depp would also be honored with a Disney Legends award. The crowds went crazy as Jack Sparrow himself walked onstage and accepted his award.

    The other big event we were looking forward to that day was the Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studio panel with John Lasseter. They showed clips and brought out cast members along with directors and producers of the many upcoming projects. We weren’t allowed to use our cameras or phones during the panel (and were given sealable plastic bags to put them in as an extra security measure) so, unfortunately, I don’t have any photos to post. 
    A few highlights: Ginnifer Goodwin showed up for Zootopia – the biggest laughs came from a gag involving sloths working at the DMV – pure comedy gold; the songwriting duo behind Frozen played a storyboard version of a new song from Gigantic (Disney’s version of Jack and the Beanstalk) called “Little Man” that was very cute and charming but won’t be the movie’s most memorable song; and The Rock talked about his character Maui in Moana, a movie that takes place in the South Pacific and looks beautiful.
    Pixar started their portion of their panel showing the complete short film “Riley’s First Date” which will come out with the Inside Out Blu-Ray in the fall. The short was absolutely hilarious and definitely one of the biggest highlights of the day for me. Next, was The Good Dinosaur which I’m really excited to see this fall because dinosaurs. Most of the cast was on hand for the eagerly anticipated Finding Dory including Ellen DeGeneres, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, and Kaitlin Olsen. The clips and new characters looked super funny. They showed a short but very colorful and eye-catching diorama for the finally-titled Coco inspired by the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. Wrapping up the panel was Toy Story 4 which I learned would be co-written by one of my faves Rashida Jones (along with Will McCormick). Not much was given as to the plot, but it was mentioned that each Toy Story movie has been a different genre and this will be a love story centered around Bo Peep and Woody. Awwww. 

    The rest of our day consisted of walking around the massive exhibit hall, collecting freebies and checking out the various booths. There were still lines (the longest probably being where you could personalize your own Coke bottle – we decided not to wait in the 2 hour line) but nothing like Comic Con. There was definitley a lot to see, but the hall seemed so big and spacious, and I loved how easy it was to maneuver and walk around. No hysteric crowds trying to grab a t-shirt or fear of being trampled over. I’m sure it will get more crowded in the years to come, especially since Disney now owns both Star Wars and Marvel, and I’ll be ready for it when the time comes, but it’s certainly nice for the time being.

     That’s it for my first day at D23 and what a first day it was! I was definitely looking forward to Day Two! Look out for that post coming soon!

    What Disney Animation or Pixar movie are you most looking forward to?