Hello, friends! Thanks for checking out the FAQ page! Wanting to know a little more about the Geeky Fashionista herself? You’ve come to right place!

Name: My name is Amanda, I don’t really have many nicknames. My sister affectionately calls me Pig and my boyfriend will sometimes call me Mandy.
♥ Age: My birthday is October 2nd. I am 26, turning 27 this year. I feel so old!
♥ Height: I am 5’3″ – I might appear shorter in some pictures when I’m next to my boyfriend, but that’s just because he’s so TALL!
♥ When did you start blogging? This blog was started in December 2010. Before that, I had my own personal domain site(s) and ran several fansites. Oh, the days of good ol’ html coding…
♥ What camera do you use? For both photos and videos, I use my Canon Rebel T3i. I’m still learning how to use it to it’s fullest extent. Sometimes if I’m visiting my dad or he’s visiting me, he’ll take some photos with his Nikon.
♥ Who takes your photos? Usually, my dad, sister, or boyfriend.
♥ What do you use to edit your photos and videos? I use Photoshop and Pic Monkey for my photos and iMovie for my videos.


Favorite Drug Store Brands? Maybelline, Revlon, and NYX
Favorite High End Brands? MAC, Urban Decay, Chanel, and Bobbi Brown
Favorite Clothing Stores/Brands? Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, WeLoveFine, Wildfox Couture, Top Shop
Favorite Apps to Buy Clothes? Vinted, Mercari, and Poshmark
Favorite TV Shows? Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Veronica Mars, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Community
Favorite Anime? Attack On Titan, Death Note, Psycho Pass, Trigun, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ranma 1/2, Monthly Girls’ Magazine Nozaki-kun, Cowboy Bebop, Soul Eater, Fate/Zero, and Sailor Moon
Favorite Movies? Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Star Trek, Leon: The Professional, Some Like It Hot, The Mummy, most Quentin Tarantino and Audrey Hepburn movies
Favorite Animated Movies? Prince of Egypt, Anastasia, Pocahontas, Mulan, The Lion King, Aladdin, How To Train Your Dragon, and Zootopia
Favorite Music? From today…Taylor Swift, Adele, Maroon 5, and Kelly Clarkson. From yesterday…ABBA, The Carpenters, Blondie.
Favorite Books/Graphic Novels? Aside from my Bible, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, Watchmen, V For Vendetta.

Still have a question for me? Feel free to reach out through social media (links below), in a comment, or by emailing me at  amanda.h.rosson@gmail.com!

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