The Fall Favorites Tag

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates links – if you click on or purchase something from these links, I may earn a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you for your support! Today I am going to be doing the Fall Favorites Tag! Tags are some of my favorite posts to read (and do)! I just love seeing other people’s…

The Geeky Girl Tag

  I’ve been wanting to do another fun geeky tag for a while so when I came across “The Geeky Girl Tag” on ZombieGoddess Beauty, I jumped on it! It’s been around since February, but I say better late than never!   Keep reading for the geeky tag questions and my answers!

Review Of the Year Blog Tag

I had so much doing the Merry Fictional Blog Challenge, I decided to do another geek centric tag – this time the Review of the Year Blog Tag by Dee from Princess Deia.

Merry Fictional Blog Challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve done a fun little tag so when I saw this cute geek-themed Christmas blog challenge by Katy from Oh So Geeky, I couldn’t help myself. If you’d like to join in on the geeky fun, be sure to check out her original post with the questions then let me know so I can read your answers! 

Winter Wonderful TAG!

Yay, another TAG!! I love doing these, but sometimes when I get behind in videos, I tend to miss out on all the fun tags currently going around. Even though this tag does reference Christmas a few times, it still has some nice general winter questions so I figured it still wasn’t too late to give it a shot! Oh,…

TAG: My First Time!

I was tagged once again by my friend Carrie to do this video and, boy, did it take me back! This tag was all about the various “Firsts” in your life. Some of them I remember more clearly than others haha. Be sure to check out my video to see my responses! THE QUESTIONS 1. FIRST Youtube video you ever…