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    10 Winter Essentials

    10 Winter Essentials // The Geeky Fashionista 

    Having spent most of my life in Florida, I haven’t really experienced a “true” winter complete with snow, ice, cold, and SNOW (did I say that twice?). Still, I always looked forward to “chilly” nights and getting to see my own breath in the air. I loved turning on the heat in the house, bundling up in blankets, and drinking hot beverages. I now live in Los Angeles and while the winters here are not much cooler than Florida, they are at least a lot less humid. This winter, however, I’ve been pretty excited by the unprecedented amount of rain in LA and the drop in temperatures (I’m talking low 40s). There’s still no snow but it’s “cold” enough that it actually feels like winter – at least for LA.

    Today, I’m sharing with you my Top 10 Winter Essentials! Whether you live somewhere with just “chilly” weather or you’re currently snowed in your house, these things should all make your winter a little cozier. 

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    10 Fall Essentials

    Fall Essentials

    Yes, I’m doing a Fall Essentials post in November! Some of you might think I’m a bit late for a post like this…shouldn’t I have had it up in September or October the latest? Probably >.<

     However, living in Los Angeles, it hasn’t felt anything like fall up until this month. I could’ve faked it earlier with a candle and something pumpkin, but I’ve been longing for that cooler weather that would finally allow me to break out the flannel and scarves! Well, now that that weather has come, I am living in a fall wonderland and I don’t want it to end (and knowing LA, most of our winter will probably feel like fall and I’m okay with that)!

    So in the spirit of finally celebrating fall, I rounded up a list of my top 10 fall essentials. All these things either remind me of fall or make fall just that much better!

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    Gift Ideas

    2016 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is next Sunday and we all know finding the perfect gift for that special lady in your life can be tricky so I’ve made a little guide to give you some ideas! From moms who love to cook, be pampered, or are constantly on the go, these gifts will hopefully bring a smile to her face!

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    My 2015 Christmas Wishlist

    Why does it get harder and harder each year to think of stuff you want for Christmas? My family has been asking me the last couple weeks what I’d like, but I’ve been so busy with end-of-the-year work stuff and exams, putting together a “Christmas list” hasn’t been much of a priority so that’s why I haven’t posted it until now. I realize it’s too late to help anyone out anymore (sorry, Daddy!) but for anyone curious about what I’m currently loving this holiday season, here ya go:
    1. Darth Vader Inspired Leather Jacket – Many of the fashions at Her Universe are hit and miss with me – I usually prefer the styles over at We Love Fine a bit more, but I am ALL about this jacket! Love the subtle details that a Star Wars fan would definitely recognize, but that it’s totally wearable for everyday. Not a bad price point either!
    2. Comfy Boots – Sometimes I just want to leave my apartment in my sweatpants whether it’s just to get the mail or get groceries and regular boots just won’t do. They certainly don’t need to be Uggs as they are quite pricey, but as long as they’re comfortable, easy to slip on, and fit – I’ll have no complaints about what it looks like or what brand it is.
    3. Heated Blanket – I’m always cold, and I love the feeling of being wrapped up in a blanket. A warm blanket. This would be perfect for those cold winter nights where I just can’t get warm fast enough.
    4. Fuzzy Socks – For my perpetually cold feet. Plus, who doesn’t love cute fuzzy socks?
    5. Sleeping bag – I went camping for the first time this year then later “camped” out overnight at the Chinese Theater for Star Wars tickets – both times I had to borrow my boyfriend’s sleeping bag because I don’t have one. I plan on doing more camping trips this coming year and *hope* to soon have a sleeping bag to call my own.
    6. Covergirl Star Wars Makeup Collection – There was a time I would’ve bought the entire collection, but I’m really trying to cut back on my makeup purchases – at least until I use up a good portion of it. Still, this is Star Wars so I’d like to have a few of the items especially the Super Sizer mascara since it’s my current go-to mascara that I absolutely love and maybe one of the more wearable lipstick colors and a nail polish.
    7. Small Drop Earrings – I used to be into big hoop earrings then big drop earrings then no earrings at all – now I’ll wear earrings occasionally for special occasions or when I’m feeling fancy and when I do, I like them small and dainty. Not a stud, I still want a little something hanging but nothing that will feel like it’s weighing down my ear or will get tangled in my hair.
    8. Loot Crate subscription – I’ve been eyeing this monthly subscription box for gamers, geeks and nerds for some time now – the quality and variety of the items/fandoms in each box really impresses me and I think it’d be something super fun to receive each month.
    9. 2016 Moleskine Planner – With my busy schedule, it’s probably not too surprising that I’m pretty attached to my planner. I love my 2015 Moleskine planner and wish it could keep going all through 2016 but, alas, it’s end is near and it will be time for a new one. Luckily, Moleskine has a Star Wars collection for 2016 which I can’t wait to get my hands on!
    10. iMac Desktop Computer – One day. One day I will gift this to myself. Gotta keep saving up!
    What’s on your Christmas list this year?
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    My 2015 Birthday Wishlist


    Another year gone by so quickly! I will be turning 26 this Friday, October 2nd. As per tradition, here is my annual birthday wish list of things that I am loving right now.
    1. Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette – My go-to eyeshadow palettes, I’ve always been a big fan of Urban Decay’s “Naked” line and this palette certainly doesn’t disappoint with 12 beautiful shades. Over the summer, I took a break from smokey eyes, but with the arrival of fall I think I’m ready to bring them back!
    2. Disneyland Tickets or Pass – I want to go to Disneyland SO bad!! I haven’t been to any Disney parks since I was a kid, and I would love to change that! Those tickets aren’t cheap though!
    3. Mexican or Heated Blanket – I am chronically cold and must always have a blanket near me. I chose these two particular kinds of blankets because I’ve been getting nostalgic for Mexican blankets which I had growing up, and I’ve always wanted a heated blanket!
    4. Dress Form – I sell clothes online as well as dabble in cosplay so having a dress form would be great for clothing photography and, of course, sewing purposes.  
    5. Polaroid Camera – I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera! I love taking polaroids and having actual physical photographs to use and decorate as I please.
    6. Star Wars Tops – I’ve been obsessed with Welovefine’s Star Wars tank tops! I love their dropped armhole, raw edge style and the fact that they’re so cool and trendy looking I can wear them everywhere from conventions to working out to lounging around my apartment to girl’s night out or date night. I have 4 of them already and would love to add this Skywalker Landspeed Tank to my rotation.
    7. Shoes – I’m not really a shoe person, but you wouldn’t think that if you looked at my shoe collection. Unfortunately, most of my shoes have never been worn and I’m in the process of selling many of them (holler if you’re a size 6.5/7!) because I know I’ll never wear them. I don’t go out much anymore so I don’t have much use for fancy heels, but I could definitely use some casual everyday shoes. These Vans Perf Slip Ons look stylish, comfy, and versatile for everyday wear. 
    8. Cute baking stuff – Oven mitts, ice trays, cake pans, cookie cutters, etc – make it a cute and nerdy and I’ll love it.
    9. Class Pass – I’ve heard nothing but great things from the handful of friends who have done this. While my current schedule would make it nearly impossible for me to really utilize it, if it ever clears up a bit (however unlikely for at least the next 11 months), I would love to try it.
    10. Puzzles – I am a jigsaw puzzle maniac! I could literally do them all day and night. My boyfriend has already earned major points by getting me a 750 piece puzzle on his recent trip to Seattle which I’m super looking forward to doing!
    Do you have an upcoming birthday? What’s on your wishlist?
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    My 2014 Birthday Wish List

    In less than 2 weeks, I will be a quarter of a century old. I really can’t believe how fast time flies. There’s just no way I’m turning 25! And yet, I am.
    My dad and sister have been asking me what I would like as a gift so instead of just forwarding them my Amazon wish list, I thought I’d put together for them a nice convenient little blog post. And yes, I do plan to treat myself with one some of these items. Sooooo here we go!


    My Birthday Wish List
    1. Wacom Intuous Pro Pen and Touch Tablet – I’ve been drawing most of my life and have dabbled in coloring my traditional art in Photoshop with a mouse, but I know that nowhere compares to what one can do with a pen and tablet. Drawing is one of my hobbies that brings me such joy and sense of accomplishment – I’m happy with what I can do with paper and pencil. but I would love to take my art to the next level and start doing more digital work. I’ve contemplated getting a tablet in the past, but was a little intimidated. I’ve now done my research and feel ready to take this step.
    2. Attack On Titan: Colossal Edition – I discovered this amazing show over the summer and it has quickly become my favorite anime ever, yes ever. I thought about buying some of the manga volumes, but then heard about this “Colossal” edition which contains the first five volumes and 15 color pages. Sounds like a good deal to me!
    3. iTunes Gift Cards – I’ve recently been introduced to the world of otome games and have taken quite a liking become absolutely OBSESSED with them. I’m pretty sure in this last month I’ve charged more to iTunes for these games than I have for food. So, yes, if you have absolutely no idea what to get me as a gift- you cannot go wrong with these in any amount.
    4. Custom Plushie – I’ve always always wanted a custom plushie. Daddy, Melissa, if you are reading this and contemplating to do this, please let me know and I will forward you several images of my favorite otome characters. This will take a little extra effort but it WILL make my life. 
    5. A Song of Ice and Fire 5-Book Set – Even though I love the complex world of Westeros and enjoy the books more than the show, I actually have never owned any of the books! I’ve always borrowed them from others! Me getting this box set will happen eventually. If not now, then later, but until then it’s on the wish list.
    6. Subscription to Q Box – This is basically a subscription box for CUTE things, and goodness, do they deliver on the cute. Their past boxes are filled with such adorable, quality items – no wonder they’re sold out until November! I’ve researched a lot of different subscription boxes and this definitely looks to be my favorite!
    7. Mini Freezer – I live in a bachelor apartment which means I don’t have a full-sized kitchen. I have a sink and a mini-fridge. If you know me, I love the Trader Joe’s frozen section as well as keeping frozen fruits for my Nutri-Bullet smoothies. I have not been able to do this for a while since I do not have a freezer. A mini freezer would totally rectify this situation! 
    8. Haircut – My sister recently lopped off a good 10″ or so of hair and looks absolutely adorable. Every time I see her I can’t help but point out how cute she looks. Not saying I’m brave enough to do the same, but my hair definitely could use a good, quality cut. My split ends and layers are out of control.
    9. Combat Boots – I have been on the lookout for a cute pair of everyday combat boots for, well, forever. I LOVE the way they look and definitely would love a pair for fall.
    10. Gym Membership – I remember when I had two gym memberships (thank you, Groupon) in college on top of the free on campus gym. I also remember back when I had a good metabolism *cries* Now, I do have my elliptical out on the balcony which I love, but boy do I miss actually going to a gym with AC. Also, I’m excited to show off my new VS Sport gear and wear cute athletic tanks like this Free! one from
    Also anything from the aforementioned or Things like THIS Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt or THIS cute Sailor Moon baseball tee (all baseball tees currently on sale for $20!) are right up my alley.
    Anyone else have a birthday in October? What’s on your wish list?
    Gift Ideas

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    With Mother’s Day less than two weeks away, I thought I would share a couple gift ideas that the very special lady if your life is sure to love! Bonus: everything is under $100!

    1. Capri Blue Jar Candle – Volcano ($28) – Your mom is going to want one in every room! These candles smell AMAZING and are truly worth the price if you really want a long burning candle that can fill a space with its lovely scent without being overpowering.

    2. Kate Spade Mom Idioms Bangle ($58)- This delicate bangle comes in either silver or gold and is printed with sweet little mom sayings like follow your heart, say thank you, chin up, and be nice.

    3Tory Burch Color Frete Tiled “T” Button Earrings ($95) – How sophisticated are these vintage fretwork inspired button earrings?  Your mom is going to love how polished she looks with these on.

    4. Sucre Macaroons ($30) – Treat your mom with this 15-piece signature variety pack of delicious macaroons in flavors like Banana Foster, Pistachio, Almond, and Salted Caramel. She’ll feel like she is in Paris!

    5. Marc Jacob’s “Daisy Eau So Fresh – Sunshine” ($78) – Your mom will think of you every time she wears this floral and fruity scent. Plus, it’s perfect for spring and everyday wear, and the bottle is so cute!

    6. LUSH – A Mother’s Day in Paradise ($56.95) – Pamper your mom with this lovely gift set! This gorgeously packaged hat box is filled with their best-selling bath and body products along with 3 exclusives made fresh just for Mother’s Day! 

    What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?
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    2012 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    2012 Mother's Day Gift Ideas
    Mother’s Day (May 13th) is only a week away and if you’re still looking for some gift ideas, here are a few that will show Mom just how much you appreciate her. 
    1. Kindle ($79) – A perfect gift for mom! With this baby, she can now store and read everything from her favorite magazines and cookbooks to even The Hunger Games all in one place.
    2. Julep Maven Mother’s Day Mani Essentials ($36.99) – Pamper your mom with this manicure set which includes cuticle oil and two lovely polishes: Kelly, a pretty blush and Eva, a gorgeous raspberry color. A portion of proceeds go to support the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, a non-profit working to end needless deaths in pregnancy and childbirth around the world.
    3. LUSH “Thanks Mum” Gift Set ($26.95) – Who doesn’t love LUSH? Treat your mom to this amazing gift set that includes their best-selling Dream Cream hand and body lotion, a Tiny Hands hand serum, a limited edition Madame Butterfly reusable bubble bar and a Sugar Scrub.
    4. Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set ($30) – This little tub is filled with the exotic and floral B&BW signature scent’s shower gel, body lotion, fragrance mist, triple moisture body cream, and a small sponge.
    5. Mamma Mia on Blu-Ray ($11.97) – Enjoy a movie night with your mom singing along to the catchy tunes of ABBA in this fun musical favorite.
    6. Anthropologie Trousseau Apron ($38) – Mom won’t mind cooking dinner wearing this elegant ruffled apron.
    7. Clarisonica Mia2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System in Pink ($149) – Everyone, even mom, wants perfect skin. Help her achieve that with this miracle product…and grab one for yourself too while you’re at it.
    8. J.Crew Printed Summer Scarf ($59.50) – Your mom will look effortlessly stylish and ready for summer in this lovely printed scarf that would make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. 
    9. TOMS Mother’s Day Vegan Classics ($54) – These super cute and comfy shoes are perfect for the busy mom always on the go. Online exclusive. Comes in either white or navy.
    What are you doing for your mom this Mother’s Day?
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    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is just around corner, and Kembrel (one ofmy current obsessions) has some AWESOME sales that would make perfect gifts forthat special someone. I’ve already bought myself and my sister (who reads myblog so I’m not going to say what) two necklaces, and I’m definitely forwardingthe link to my boyfriend 😉

    Here’s just a preview of what’s on sale:

    The Valentine’s Day essentials for guys offers a nicevariety of items that will surely impress your man! Can he not go anywherewithout his iPad? Get him a stylish Moshi iPad case! Does he love working outat the gym? What about a eco-friendly Hydros water bottle? Is he always latepicking you up on a date?  I’m surea watch by Phosphor will solve that problem!

    The Valentine’s Jewelry section made me drool.  From the exotic Taara pieces, theadorable One Luv necklaces, and the stunning selection by Juliet & Co, youwon’t know where to start! I wouldn’t worry too much over what you choose foryour girl though, because any of these pieces are sure to win her over!

    GIRL or GUY
    Or what about some sweet headphones? The ones on sale byWeSC are definitely unique and make a statement. I love all the differentcolors and patterns to choose from! Perfect for any music lover, girl or guy!

    Finally, why not sit and enjoy a book together? Kembrel has a nice selection that range from funny to romantic. There’s really something for everyone. Read actual love letters collected across America or love poems written by some of history’s greatest poets. Spice up your love life with a handbook or read about the most inspiring and romantic locations in Italy and France. Even if you’re single, these are sure to be an interesting read (if you believe your true love is written up in the stars, why not check out Cosmic Coupling?)