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    January Favorites

    Can you believe 1/12 of the year has already come and gone? Yep, January is over and I gotta say this year is already the best one yet! God is good and life is amazing! I have so much to be thankful for and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! This month, I had a TON of favorites I wanted to share with you but I narrowed it down to my top 10 for the month and they are…
    1. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – This mascara has a tiny wand and bristles specifically made for your lower lashes! It doesn’t smear or clump and really makes your eyes pop! Love it!
    2. Maybelline master GLAZE by Face Studio in “Make A Mauve” – I’ve been loving this berry color cheek tint for the winter! I just put it high up on my cheekbones and blend with my fingers – looks incredibly natural and dewey on my fair skin.
    3. MAC Mineral Blush in “Love Joy” – Absolutely GORGEOUS blush that I love using on my cheeks and for contouring at times because it’s so pigmented and I love how it warms up my face. It has undertones of gold shimmer which just gives you an amazing radiant and glowy look.
    4. Dorco Razors – Since I have sensitive skin, I love using men’s razors. My dad told me about these when I was researching more affordable razor options like Dollar Shave Club. I HIGHLY recommend these! Found on Amazon, they are great quality razors for an INCREDIBLE price! 
    5. Spiced Apple Toddy Candle from Bath & Body Works – Holidays are over but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to let them go! This smells like Christmas to me and I plan on burning it all throughout the winter!
    6. Brown American Eagle Outfitters Combat Boots – I have been wanting a pair of combat boots FOREVER! These are amazing – super comfortable, affordable, easy to wear, and go with just about anything!
    7. Inateck Grey Felt Macbook Case Sleeve Bag – So obsessed with with this! I think it just looks so grown up and classy! The price is also terrific especially for what looks and feels like such a high quality product! Also love that it has multiple pockets (I’ll sometimes put both my iPad and phone it in as well as pens or memory cards) and the little pouch for chargers and cords is a cute bonus!
    8. The Star Wars Graphic Novel – Based on the rough draft script by George Lucas, this is an entirely story than the one we all know and love. Incredibly fast moving with lots of action and interesting characters who, though their names may be familiar, are pretty different from their movie counterparts. Great read!
    9. Jane the Virgin – Very underrated and charming show with a super likable and talented lead in Gina Rodriguez. Despite the telenovella-like storytelling, it is incredibly grounded with fleshed out characters that never seems like caricatures.
    10. Imitation Game – Maybe not the best movie of the year, but one that I incredibly enjoyed. Tragic story of a brilliant and fascinating (count how many times I say that in my video) man with phenomenal performances – especially Benedict Cumberbath – probably his best screen acting to date.
    To hear more about my favorites this month, don’t forget to check out my video below!

    What were your favorites this last month?

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    December 2014 Ipsy Bag Unboxing

    My final Ipsy bag of the year arrived early this month – yay!! The past couple of months it’s been coming the twenty-somethingth of the month so it was a nice surprise to receive it so early this time especially since I’ll be leaving soon to visit home for the holidays and wouldn’t want it sitting in my mailbox for 2 weeks.

    If you are unfamiliar with Ipsy, it is a $10 beauty subscription service where you receive 4-6 deluxe sample and full-sized products inside a cute makeup bag each month. To learn more about Ipsy and/or sign up for your own bag, click HERE.

    This month’s bag isn’t as creative as some of the recent past bags have been. It reminds me more of a pencil bag or a much earlier Ipsy bag I received. I do still think it’s cute with its little heart charm and like the simplicity of it and will definitely use it! The front of the card inside said “You are a: Talented Being” which I thought was cute. Apparently, people received different sayings on theirs.

    Boost Repair Treatment by Cool Way
    This hair serum is for repairing damaged hair. It’s made of a non-toxic formula that contains no formaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, phthalates or synthetic color. Never heard of the brand before. It has a nice almost peppermint-like scent.
    Butter Lip Balm by NYX in “Lady Fingers”
    Yes! Love seeing full-sized products in my bag! Even more so when they have the word “butter” in them. This lip balm is very moisturizing and has a pleasant scent. It’s sheer but has a nice hint of mauve color. Very pretty.
    Fairy Dust by Pixi
    Wasn’t sure what this was at first, but it looks like it’s a shimmery powdery pigment that you can use on your eyes/cheeks/wherever can use a little brightening/shimmer. I like the sponge tip that makes for easy application although it can still get a little messy.
    lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara by tarte
    Very excited to see this in my bag as I’ve heard SO many great things about this mascara! The 4-in-1 comes from the fact that it claims to lengthen, curl, volumize, and condition your lashes. I currently have far too many mascara so I’ve held off on buying any new ones, but this and the Manga mascara have been at the top of my “to try/buy” list – hoping it lives up to my expectations!
    Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush by Crown Brush
    I can never have too many brushes! This is a dual sided brush made of synthetic fibers. One side is perfect for applying eyeshadow and the other for defining the eye. Nice, soft bristles. While I’ve heard of Crown Brush before, I’ve never actually used them.
    Another great bag well worth it’s price! I love the variety of products – they covered makeup (high end and drugstore, deluxe sample and full-sized), hair, and beauty tools!

    What did you guys think of this bag?
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    November 2014 Favorites

    Here are my makeup and random favorites from the past two months (since I didn’t get a chance to film for October). Not a lot of new products but that will certainly change next month since I got some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

    1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in 54 “Boy” – I’ve had this lipstick for a while but like many of my high end products, I usually just whip them out for special occasions. However, this past month I’ve found myself reaching for this quite a bit. It’s a a great pink/mauve-y color for those with fair skin like myself. It’s very sheer but for those who like to embrace their natural lip color (me!) this is fantastic as it gives just a hint of color for that ‘my lips but slightly better look’. Downside is that it does not last very long so you must reapply it often. Although if it is close to your natural lip color I guess fading isn’t that big of an issue…Also, I love it with a smokey eye. I can definitely see this becoming a winter staple.
    2. NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in CW03 Light – I LOVE using this product under my eyes and to highlight the bridge of my nose. The coverage is great, it blends well, and it’s super affordable. Win!
    3. Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express Mascara – I originally wrote this mascara off after a few uses as I didn’t like the odd bendy wand, however, I’m glad that I revisited it as it’s my new go-to everyday mascara. It doesn’t clump or smudge, holds a curl, is very buildable, and feels very light not weighing down your lashes. What I like best is how it doesn’t dry out my lashes or make them hard and crunchy, but instead keeps them soft.
    4. Rimmel Moisture Renew 380 Vintage Pink Lipstick – Super creamy formula and EXTREMELY hydrating, I love how this makes my lips feel! It’s definitely more of a mauve color than pink, but still very wearable for day or night especially in the fall! *Unfortunately, I heard that it has been discontinued 🙁
    5. Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Candle – I’ve been loving how this fills my little apartment with such a sweet, deliciously fall scent!
    6. Cat Lover Forever21 PJ Set – I am indeed a cat lover, and I love this pajama set! Super cute and comfy and I love the phrase “Cats Are A Girl’s Best Friend” on the top!
    7. Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter – The Speculoos cookies are a favorite of mine so I can’t believe I am just now discovering this heaven-sent product. YUM.
    8. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun – This beats Ranma 1/2 as my favorite comedic anime! So original and clever – especially in how they play with typical shoujo tropes – and with a hilarious cast of characters, this had me laughing out loud in every episode! I need a second season STAT!
    9. How to Get Away With Murder – Probably my favorite show of the new fall season, this show is incredibly addicting! While the characters aren’t exactly likable, I love the unique storytelling format they use in each episode going back and forth between the present time and the future where the students are seen literally trying to get away with murder.
    10. Taylor Swift’s “1989” – No such thing as a bad Taylor Swift album! I can’t get enough! I love all the songs, but currently beyond obsessed with “Blank Space.” Sing on, girl!
    Be sure to check out my video below to hear more about my favorite this month!

    What were your October Favorites?
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    My Birthday Night With Friends!

    I turned the big 2-5 earlier this month! My birthday week was pretty crazy work-wise, but I managed to get the night off to have dinner and spend time with friends. I originally was planning on starting my night off by going to the opening of the 4-day cat cafe “Catfe” pop-up event in Chinatown – if you know me, you’ll know that I am a TOTAL cat lady and one of my dreams is to go to a cat cafe in Japan – imagine my excitement when I found out there was a Kickstarter campaign to open one right here in LA! You should’ve seen me flip out when I found out the pop up event to promote the campaign was opening ON my birthday – it was fate. However, turns out there was a 2-hour wait for the cat cafe which would’ve made us later for our dinner reservation so we had to pass. My heart aches just thinking about it D’: 
    So to pass a little time until dinner I went and got my FREE Starbucks birthday drink – a Butterbeer frappacino from their Secret Menu in Grande size, of course. Then we walked around the plaza in Little Tokyo. It’s such a cute area, I love it there. 
    We had dinner at this great Japanese restaurant called Honda Ya. I had been there once before alone and was really impressed with the very traditional Japanese decor, the reasonable pricing and variety of the menu, and the quality of the food. Add to the fact that they have a separate area where you can take off your shoes and sit on the floor while you eat, and I knew this was where I wanted to do my birthday dinner. 
    One thing that I thought was pretty cool was when they brought out the green tea ice cream birthday dessert, they turned off the lights in the WHOLE restaurant (well probably not the kitchen and stuff but at least the whole front of house). I definitely wasn’t expecting that. Maybe turn off the lights in the separate area we were at, but the ENTIRE restaurant? It puts the spotlight on you which is a little embarrassing but also made you feel special 🙂 
    Afterwards, we went to a nearby karaoke place and had fun singing along to Frozen tunes and songs from our high school years. If you watch the video posted below, you’ll see that my sister and I get reallyyyy into our karaoke performances. “Dream On” is also our staple karaoke song although I think “Let It Go” is going to give it a run for its money.
    Thus concludes my 25th birthday night! Nothing too crazy, everyone was back home before midnight. I can’t tell if this means I’m getting older or just boring haha. Honestly, it was one of the best birthdays I ever had. I feel so blessed that I got to celebrate this milestone birthday in this new city that I love with my wonderfully amazing sister (seriously, check out the video, she’s the bees knees) and incredibly amazing friends. Last year in NYC was incredibly lonely for me, so to see the drastic change a year later, just confirms to me how my move to LA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 
    Not going to lie, turning a quarter of a century is a little scary, but being surrounded by people like this, makes it a little less daunting. Looking forward to what 25 brings!
    Be sure to check out my video below!! 
    Caution for those with sensitive ears, there IS karaoke! 😀
    What was your best birthday?
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    October 2014 Ipsy Bag Unboxing

    Whoo!! I haven’t done an Ipsy Unboxing/Unbagging video in a while!! I’ve been stalking my bag via tracking code really hoping I’d get it early this month, but it came late! 🙁 Still wanted to do an unboxing video though so this was filmed, edited, and uploaded all in one day! Phew! Go me! That’s something else I haven’t done in a while! Hence also why I am wearing minimal makeup and my hair is a nightmare in this video >.< 
    This is probably my favorite bag (the actual bag itself) that I’ve received thus far. What I particularly love about this bag is quite simple. I love it’s color (this teal is probably my favorite color at the moment) and the chic quilted pattern. I love the Ipsy bags and save all of them using them to store things like pencils to chargers to, of course, makeup. When Ipsy first started, I remember thinking the bags were so tacky and cheap, but now I look forward to seeing what kind of bag I will get almost as much as what products are inside of it. I’ve really been impressed with the last few bags as they’ve all been so different and unique and nicely made. 
    “Deeply in Mauve” Lipstick by noyah
    Really liked the noyah lip balm I had received previously so I was very happy to see this lipstick in it’s oh so adorable mini packaging! The shade is perfect for fall and I love the creamy formula. Knowing that it’s all-natural, synthetics-free, and never tested on animals makes it even better! Use FALLinLOVE at to get 15% OFF + a FREE lip balm.
    Mango Mandarin Hand Cream by Figs & Rouge
    This pure and natural UK made hand cream smells great and feels wonderful! It also has the cutest colorful packaging!
    Purifying Exfoliant by Épicé International
    Can’t say much about it at first glance without trying it, but SUPER RANDOM – this fancy-sounding product was made in my definitely-not-fancy-at-all small hometown. When I saw that I was like ‘WUT?’
    TATTOOED Waterproof Eyeliner by Skone Cosmetics 
    I can already tell I’m going to get a lot of use out of this. I don’t have a waterproof eyeliner or one with a felt tip at the moment so I already like that about it. Also, I swatched it and not only does it not smudge, it has MAJOR staying power. Definitely going to have to break out the makeup remover to get this stuff off.
    “XX” Nail Lacquer by Cirque Colors
    Not a fan of glitter polish since they are a PAIN to take off, but this one is indeed very pretty and festive. If a special occasion arises where festive polish is needed, I’m ready.
    What did you guys think of this bag?
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    September 2014 Favorites

     I recorded this early to mid-September to have ready by the end of the month since it was too late for an August Favorites video (and yet, I’m still posting it late -__-) so sorry if some of the things are no longer relevant (I don’t think Guardians is in theaters anymore whoops) and that I kept saying “August Favorites” D: I thought about not posting it at all, but figured “hey, why not?” – it’s the first video in my new apartment even if you can’t really see anything… Last week was my birthday and I recorded a bunch of videos so I’m currently in an editing frenzy! Look for another video in a few days!! ^^
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    Mary Kay Influenster VoxBox Unboxing

    I received yet another Influenster VoxBox and I couldn’t be happier! I think I’m more excited about receiving these in the mail than the actual beauty boxes I pay money to subscribe to!

    If you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s a FREE program where once you sign up, you can take surveys and earn badges that can qualify you to receive various FREE VoxBoxes full of sample-sized, and very often full-sized products, to try and review.

    This time the box is all about Mary Kay! Honestly, I do not own any Mary Kay products and I think the only person who I can remember – I think – was my grandmother. So when I think of Mary Kay, I think of it as makeup more for my mom or her mom – very mature. I don’t think of it as young, fresh, and trendy or very appealing to girls my age. I’m hoping this box can prove me wrong! 
    First off, this box is already the cutest box I’ve ever received from Influenster. I was excited about the Valentine’s Day J’adore VoxBox because it was pink – this one has an adorable design and roses all over it! I’m already won over. Once you open it open it, the pink and cutest continues as the box greets you with “hello, gorgeous! hola, bella!” I love it.

    Within the pink tissue paper is a Mary Kay catalog and two cards. The introduction card outlines the products within the box and the other informs you about a survey you can take for a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card.

    Inside My VoxBox
    Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in I <3 Black ($15)
    This mascara states that it “defines, defends and delivers four times the volume” – four times the volume compared to what? Seems like a random number to choose – also what is it defending my lashes from? The elements of nature? Sorry I have so many questions haha I really am excited to receive and try this – I love getting new mascaras, especially full sized ones! This mascara has a nice long skinny wand with short spiky bristles, and bonus no funky smell!
    Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist ($14)
    This states that it’s a “soft, creamy, long-wearing formula.” Yes, it is very soft and very creamy. The long-wearing part is still to be determined as I have not tried it yet, but I do very much love this color. It’s a beautiful warm gold with a hint of shimmer. Lovely on all skin tones. Perfect for summer.

    Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush ($12)
    This blush states its “stay-true color defines cheekbones.” Gotta be careful with this packaging as the blush tries to fall right out! I really like this nice everyday pink color. There’s a bit of a gold sheen to it that I actually really like as it warms up the face a bit so I think it’s perfect for summer.
    Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder ($16)
    I actually don’t own any translucent powder although I’d been meaning to so I am very excited to receive this! As the description says, I’m hoping it will control “unwanted shine all day” – so important on those hot LA days!

    Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator in Jet Black ($18)
    Love the little brush it comes with! I’m a big fan of gel eyeliner so very excited to see this especially in such a HUGE pot! This is bigger than anything I’ve ever paid for! I also love that they gave you a nice basic jet black color instead of some funky color. Here’s hoping that it is indeed a “versatile eyeliner with intense color payoff.”

    Mary Kay Gel Bronzing Powder ($18)
    Very pleasantly surprised with the size of this product – once again it’s huge! The color is very natural-looking, not orange-y at all and I can certainly see it giving you that “sun-kissed glow” it describes. The texture is also very nice and smooth.
    Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango ($14)
    This little gloss comes in a bold fiery coral color perfect for summer. The card says it comes in “rich, intense, long-wearing shades.” There’s definitely some intense shimmer going on here.

    Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10) + Powder Brush
    Finally, there are two brushes included although only one is listed on the card. The concealer blush is nice and soft and I can definitely see myself using it for applying cream eye colors as well. The powder brush is a nice addition that I will use with the translucent powder although it’s not exactly the softest brush. The sleek design of the brushes are nice though with a nice matte handle.


    Have you tried any Mary Kay products?
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    HUGE $500 Spring Break Collab Giveaway!!!

    Hey all! I’ve teamed up with 11 amazing girls from YouTube to bring you this INCREDIBLE giveaway to kick off the spring season! I’m super excited for this giveaway as it’s been quite a while since I’ve held one to thank my lovely subscribers and we’ve got some seriously awesome prizes up for grabs! Be sure to check out my video to see the prizes and to learn the giveaway rules (they are also listed below). Hope you all like this giveaway and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your love and support!! <3


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    Victorias Secret Sequin Beach Bag

    Victorias Secret Wild at Heart Body Scrub

    Victorias Secret Wild at Heart Body Splash

    Victorias Secret Sunkissed body Lotion

    Sun Bum SPF 15 sunscreen Spray

    St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse and Mitt

    Forever 21 mirrored Aviators 

    Nordstrom Straw Floppy Hat

    Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Wave Spray

    “It’s a 10” miracle leave in

    Medium grit nail file

    Formula X nail polish in “Jolt”

    Butter London “Trout Pout”

    OPI topcoat

    Too faced Chocolate Bar Palette

    NYX Butter Gloss in “Maple Blondie”

    NYX butter Gloss in “Meringue”

    NYX Lipstick in “Narcissist”

    Butter London Lipgloss in “Tippy”

    Cargo Better than Waterproof Mascara

    Benefit Coralista Blush

    MAC Turquatic perfume

    Surprise Sephora samples Buxom, YSL,Gucci, Stila


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    Valentine’s Day Collab: Hair

    Hey guys! Need a quick, simple Valentine’s Day hair style idea that’s also sweet and girly? Well, here ya go! For my first ever YouTube collab video, I teamed up with three other SUPER talented and beautiful ladies to give you all some Valentine’s Day inspiration!
    To do this easy look, all you need are 4 things (I’ll put what I used in paranthesis):
    1. Heat protectant (Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray)
    2. Hair spray (Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Hair Spray)
    3. Curling iron (1 1/4″ Hot Tools Curling Iron)
    4. Bobby pins (store brand)
    To see how to get this hairstyle, watch the video below and don’t forget to check out the other videos in this collab as well!

    Like, Comment, and Subscribe! <3
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    Santa Monica + Outfit(s) of the Night

    Last Friday, I went out to Santa Monica with my sister and friends and had a really amazing time at the Pier and Promenade! While out, I thought it’d be fun to do a quick little Outfit of the Day/Night and everyone was more than happy to participate (I really thought the guys would take some convincing, but they were great haha)! This is the first video I’ve done with my sister, but I’m sure there will be a lot more since we now live in the same city. Hope you all enjoy the video and don’t forget to show some love on my Youtube channel!

    I finally went to Umami Burger in LA! I’ve been to the one that recently opened in NYC, but this was my first one on the west coast. The truffle burger was just as delicious as I remembered it. I devoured it so quickly, if it weren’t $12 a burger, I would’ve ordered a second (and I NEVER do that with burgers). I also got their super yummy sweet potato fries and a Mexican Coke (LOVE!). The Umami was connected (I think) to a Fred Segal store so it was sort of a “mini” restaurant that wasn’t the biggest or most impressive – especially when compared to the NYC location which almost feels like a high-end lounge with its decor and full size bar – but it was a good experience nonetheless, and I can’t wait to go back!

    After dinner, we walked over to the Pier where my sister got to ride her first ferris wheel! The view was incredible and it was really neat to see the city and beach all around us.

    Don’t we all look so dapper? Don’t forget to watch the video to see what we’re all wearing!

    Have you ever been to Santa Monica?