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    Star Wars Celebration Orlando: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars Celebration Orlando // The Geeky Fashionista

    In my last post, I recapped my first day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Today, I’ll be continuing on with my second day recap! While yesterday was somewhat of a disappointment due to not making it into the 40th Anniversary Celebration panel, that wasn’t the issue today. Learning our lesson, we easily made it into The Last Jedi panel.

    Keep reading for all the day’s highlights (and one unfortunate low) and don’t forget to catch up on my Day One post!

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    Star Wars Celebration Orlando: 40th Anniversary

    Star Wars Celebration Orlando // The Geeky Fashionista

    I was planning to do just one Star Wars Celebration Orlando recap post but because of the sheer number of photos I took, especially on Sunday, I decided to split it up into three posts, one for each day I was there. This post will recap my first day of the convention which I spent pretty much doing one of two things: in panels or waiting in lines to get into those panels (or waiting in line to get a wristband to wait in the line for that panel…yes, that was a thing). 

    Despite all the line waiting though, the panels were amazing and well worth the wait for any Star Wars fan! Keep reading for my experience recap and be sure to check out my cosplay post from the event as well!

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    Mystic Messenger Little Tokyo Cosplay Meetup

    Mystic Messenger Cosplay Meetup // The Geeky Fashionista

    If you’ve been following me for the past couple months, I’m sure you’ve seen me mention Mystic Messenger. It easily became my biggest new fandom of 2016. Well, last year, I went to my very first non-convention cosplay meetup. It was a gathering for Mystic Messenger fans to come together, cosplay as their favorite characters, buy merch, and hang out.

    Keep reading to read about my experience & see some photos I took at the event!

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    A Day In Seattle: 10 Things To Do

    10 Things To Do In Seattle

    My boyfriend, Luke, and I flew up to Seattle to spend our Fourth of July weekend with his sister, Holly, and her husband, Matt, along with a few other friends of ours. We arrived late Friday night and were planning to go camping on Sunday/Monday for the Fourth before flying back super early Tuesday morning so we only had Saturday to do any touristy activities in the city. Luckily, Luke and Holly are great planners (even if Luke denies this) and had a full fun day planned for us. If you find yourself in Seattle and only have an afternoon or even a few hours, I highly recommend you check out each of these places! We did everything in less than a day and you can too!

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    What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?


    Greetings from Seattle! For Fourth of July Weekend, Luke and I flew up to visit his sister and meet up with some friends in The Emerald City. I’ve always wanted to visit but never have so I was super excited about the trip! We’re only here for three days but our schedule is jam packed with plenty of fun activities. I tend to overpack my makeup and toiletries but this time I was determined to keep things to a minimum.

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    My Anime Expo Schedule


    Tomorrow I will be going to Anime Expo!!

    Since I have to catch an evening flight to Seattle, I can only go for half of Friday, but regardless this will be my first time attending, and I am super excited! Even with my limited time (and maybe even because of it), I really wanted to plan a solid schedule so I could make the most of my day.

    Badge pick up for attendees has been open since noon today and is open until midnight which is pretty awesome. I was originally planning on going around 1pm but a quick look at Twitter with its photos of HUGE lines at the convention center of people who had CAMPED OUT quickly made me change my mind. To avoid both LA traffic and lines, I’ll probably go for my badge a little closer to midnight. Good thing I’m a night owl!

    Since I won’t have to worry about picking up my badge tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to jump right into the convention…so without further adieu, here is my (hopeful) Anime Expo schedule. 

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    My First Stand-In Experience

     Super short post today! I very randomly had the opportunity to be a stand-in on ABC Family’s Switched At Birth this week and thought I’d share my experience. I say very randomly because I did not apply or submit to do this job at all. Two years ago, a friend and I thought it would be fun to sign up for Central Casting, a casting agency that books a lot of extras for TV shows, since a lot of our friends were doing it including my sister. After signing up, however, I never actually submitted myself for any work because my schedule was already busy enough. Well, they called out of the blue and asked to directly book me as a stand-in. Since I recently left my law office job due to health reasons, I had the day off and decided why not – it wouldn’t be very strenuous work, they would pay me a union rate, and it would be neat to see what a TV set is like. 
    My call time was originally scheduled for 2:30pm but I received a call around 8:45am saying it had been moved up to 9:30am. With no makeup on, I threw on some clothes and booked it to the studio. Upon arriving, the crew was so nice and thankful to me for rushing over. They sent me to wardrobe which dressed me in a J.Crew trench coat, Steve Madden boots, and a ring. Afterwards, the hair stylist put a wig on me to look more like the character “Bey.” She considered curling my actual hair, but after my bayalage last month, it was too light.
    Once I was ready, I met the actress for who I’d be standing in for, Vanessa Marano (super nice and pretty!), and they put me in a trailer and told me to wait until my scene was ready. I had my iPad and a book with me so I was plenty fine with waiting and it was pretty cool having my own little room. I started hearing some commotion outside the trailer and it seemed like some changes were being made. They eventually brought me out and told me I wouldn’t be needed for the scene and to return the clothes but keep the wig on just in case. They reassured me I would still be getting paid for my time and told me to help myself to the craft services table. I was super hungry since I didn’t have breakfast so I helped myself to a sandwich, fruit, donut, and bagel.
    My trailer room was needed for an actor coming in so they moved me to a soundstage where the extras were hanging out (above). Eventually, they all left and it was just me…still waiting. I honestly didn’t mind but just felt bad that I wasn’t doing anything. An assistant director or other crew member would periodically check up on me to make sure I was okay which I thought was nice. I was told to go ahead and have lunch and went over to the catering truck. It was Mexican for lunch that day and wow, did they have a lot of food! I sat down at a table and was joined by the episode’s director and an actor who were both super friendly and awesome. A crew member eventually approached me and told me I was good for the day and to go ahead and get my things and officially sign out. It was about 3:30 when I finished. 
    That’s my first stand-in experience! I didn’t actually get used so you won’t be seeing my back or hand in a shot on TV, but it was an overall neat experience and not a bad way to spend a few hours and make a little extra money. If they randomly gave me another call, I would do it again!
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    My Sister’s Birthday!

    My sister, Melissa, had her 24th birthday this past week! The day was going to be just us, and I planned a whole itinerary with things for the two of us to do on her special day. I’ve been worried that with my health problems I wouldn’t be able to properly celebrate with her and do everything, but luckily the entire day went without a hitch and couldn’t have gone better!
    After letting her sleep in a bit (because that’s what you do on your birthday!), we went to Denny’s! You get a free Gland Slam Breakfast on your birthday so it’s become a bit of a tradition to start our birthdays off there. We also got the bacon cheddar tots which were delish! 
    Afterwards, we were ready for our spa appointment! I found this great place called Anatara on Yelp that had a great “couples massage” deal! We opted for a hot stone massage – something neither of us had ever had before and it was SO nice and relaxing! 
    Next up, was a manicure and pedicure at this SUPER cute nail salon called Polish Lounge. They had soooo many nail polishes! Melissa eventually chose two OPI colors that were very spring-y. I opted out of doing my own nails and instead walked over to nearby Starbucks and brought us both back our signature drinks (hers – an Iced Passion Tea Lemonade Sweetened, mine – a Butterbeer Frappacino) and two birthday cake pops. After Melissa had been thoroughly pamperred, we went home to get dressed for the evening and FaceTime our dad.
    For dinner, we went to Umami Burger and had our usual – the Truffle Burger and sweet potato fries. Our server, Marvin, was super cool and had a dessert (a deep fried ice cream sandwich called the “UFO”) brought out for us upon learning it was my sister’s birthday. This was something neither of us expected and was an awesome surprise. Also, SO yummy! Even after being filled with our burger, we devoured the whole thing!
    We ended the day going to Mosaic, her church, for their Midweek service where we bumped into our friends Chelsea and Sammy. The message was simple but uplifting and a great way to end the day 🙂
    How do you and your siblings celebrate each other’s birthdays?
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    Valentine’s Weekend in Yosemite ♥

    For our first Valentine’s Day together, my boyfriend, Luke, planned the most amazing weekend with our good friends Cori and Michael in Yosemite National Park! I had never been before and was totally blown away by the incredible beauty all around us. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We all took lots of photos, but even the best pictures can’t beat experiencing it in person.
    We made the approximate 6 hour drive up north and arrived in Curry Village late Friday night where Luke had reserved us an awesome heated tent. I believe this is called “glamping” as we weren’t roughing it in a traditional sense as our “tent” did have an electrical heater, beds, and towels for the nearby showers. I enjoy regular camping but this was pretty great!

    Above is an inside look at our heated tent (from our last day after we had packed up) – I found it so cozy and the beds surprisingly comfortable! I slept SO well both nights!
    To not attract bears, they don’t allow cooking in the camp area so you have go offsite to make your meals and eat. Since we couldn’t find any fire pits, we used Luke’s cooking set and propane stove. Luke is pretty creative and resourceful when it comes to outdoor cooking and made the yummiest breakfast hash – it was so hearty and filling, perfect for jumpstarting our day.
     I was really excited about the day’s Yosemite Falls hike but I also have some health issues that make strenuous activities difficult so I was a bit worried I would hold us back. What was so wonderful was that I ended up surprising both Luke and myself and made it much farther than either of us could’ve guessed. We did have to take several breaks but I was so proud of myself for not giving up – and my perseverance paid off as I got to see some incredible views.

    One of my favorite moments from the whole trip was coming around this big rock during our hike and suddenly right in front of us – the most gorgeous waterfall complete with accompanying rainbow reveals itself. It was simply breathtaking. Just like the rest of Yosemite, photos don’t do it justice. 

    We climbed up some rocks to get away from all the other hikers and found a nice somewhat secluded area to have lunch and enjoy the sight of the waterfall. Definitely a highlight.
    Once the sun started going down, we made our way back and found our friends Cori and Michael and decided to take a few “couple” photos of each other on this cliff overlooking this incredible view. Since Luke and I both wore red plaid, our photos ended up looking like the most “epic Brawny ads.” Haha I loved it.

    The next day, traffic was a MESS – literally bumper to bumper (I thought we had left LA!). With so many people trying to leave the camp area, we decided to scratch our hiking plans and just walk around and explore the areas nearby which included this big open snowy plain where I had my first legitimate snowball fight and took some pretty awesome photos. I just can’t get over how beautiful the scenery is.
    After our fun in the snow, we took an indoor break for lunch and played a game of Settlers of Catan. I had a bit of a rough start but was just making a comeback (I’m Orange) when Luke won and ended the game. Anyone else love Settlers?
    Traffic hadn’t let up at all so it was back to exploring! We followed a trail farther into the woods and came across some firepits (at least we now know for our next trip!) and a river that made for more lovely photos. Cori took the beautiful photos below.

     Before we knew it, it was growing dark. Luke took some gorgeous night shots with his camera as we made walked back and by the time we reached our car, traffic was gone (yay!) and it was time to drive back home.
    Such a wonderful trip. Despite not feeling my best at times, I loved every moment of it and can’t wait to go back. Be sure to check out the awesome video Michael made of our trip! 

    Video credit: Michael HDZ of Fervent Creative
    Have you ever been to Yosemite? Gone “glamping”? Where did you stay? What hike or activity should I do on my next trip?