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    MegaCon 2017 Saturday Cosplay

    MegaCon 2017 Saturday Cosplay Photos // The Geeky Fashionista

    Earlier this week, I posted my first set of cosplay photos I/my dad aka my blog photographer took from Orlando’s MegaCon 2017. Those photos covered Friday of the con. In this post, I am sharing with you the many, MANY cosplayers we saw on the biggest day of the convention, Saturday.  

    Keep reading to see the many amazing Saturday MegaCon cosplays! Warning: Epic photo overload ahead!

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    MegaCon 2017 Friday Cosplay

    MegaCon 2017 Friday Cosplay Photos // The Geeky Fashionista

    I had such a blast at MegaCon 2017! It came a bit abruptly for me so I wasn’t as prepared for it as I would’ve liked but, nevertheless, I had an amazing time!

    Since there was SO much going and my dad (who acted as my blog photographer) and I took SO many photos, I decided to split up my MegaCon coverage into three “types” of posts – yes, expect a lot of MegaCon ahead – Cosplay, My Experience, and What I Wore. I’m going to start with my first of three Cosplay posts sharing some of the various cosplays I saw over the weekend. Splitting them up by day, I will begin with Friday (as I did not attend the con on Thursday).

    Keep reading to see Friday’s incredible cosplays!

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    Mystic Messenger Little Tokyo Cosplay Meetup

    Mystic Messenger Cosplay Meetup // The Geeky Fashionista

    If you’ve been following me for the past couple months, I’m sure you’ve seen me mention Mystic Messenger. It easily became my biggest new fandom of 2016. Well, last year, I went to my very first non-convention cosplay meetup. It was a gathering for Mystic Messenger fans to come together, cosplay as their favorite characters, buy merch, and hang out.

    Keep reading to read about my experience & see some photos I took at the event!

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    San Diego Comic Con 2016 Sunday Recap

    San Diego Comic Con Sunday


    Yayyy!!! The last of my 2016 San Diego Comic Con recaps is here!! Despite the fact that the con happened over two months ago, I still decided to do this post. Why? You might say it’s pretty irrelevant at this point. Well, because in all my 10 years of attending Comic Con and almost 6 years of having this blog, I’ve never made it to writing about Sunday which is kind of sad. I always write about Preview Night and Thursday but then by the time Sunday rolls around, I’m all Comic Conn’ed out and Sunday is all but forgotten about. Not this year! With this post, I’ll finally have a full set of Comic Con recaps. Despite the personal reasons for this post, I hope you’ll still enjoy reading about the last day of my San Diego con adventure – it’s short and sweet, I promise! After all my venting in my Saturday recap, I thought it be best 🙂

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    San Diego Comic Con 2016 Friday Recap

    Comic Con 2016 Friday Recap


    Today I am finally sharing my San Diego Comic Con 2016 Friday recap! If you haven’t already read my Preview Night or Thursday posts, be sure to check them out to get caught up on my SDCC adventures! Without further adieu, let’s jump right in!

    Having turned in rather early the night before, I was super excited to get a good night’s sleep and wake up nice and early for a full day of amazing panels. As you can see on my con schedule, I had quite a full morning planned with some of my most anticipated panels (Cosplay Makeup, Geek Branding) of the entire convention. Of course, my body just had to go on the fritz that morning. For those new to the blog, I’ve had a lot of health issues over the past several months causing me to quit my law office job, stop attending classes, not drive, and for a period, unable to leave my bed. Praise God that I’m obviously doing much better now and for the most part can go back to a normal life, but I still suffer from daily (worst in the morning) abdominal pain and occasional chest pain and nausea. This particular morning, the abdominal pain was relentless, and I knew no matter how much I really wanted to see those panels or how much I tried to suck it up and bear the pain, there was just no way I was leaving my hotel room anytime soon.

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    Cosplay: Bangkok Comic Con


    Can you believe it – San Diego Comic Con is less than a month away! Every year it seems so far away then it’s there before I know it! This year, I’m trying to stay on top of things, but I’m sure I’ll still be scrambling at the end >.<

    Today I am sharing with you some cosplay photos from another Comic Con quite a bit away from San Diego. My dad loves going to conventions almost as much as I do and snapped these photos at Bangkok Comic Con during a trip to Thailand. They definitely get me excited for my own experience next month!
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    Star Wars Celebration: Day Two

    Star Wars Celebration started off with quite a bang with The Force Awakens panel and you might think it’d be hard to top such an awesome start, but Celebration was just beginning.
    For Day Two, we planned to kick things off with the 10am Battlefront panel, but by the time we arrived at the convention center, it was already completely filled up so we instead went to the Ralph McQuarrie: Star Wars Art panel where we were able to walk right in and get great seats. The panel consisted of Lucasfilm executive editor J.W. Rinzler, Abrams senior editor Eric Klopfer and authors Brandon Alinger, David Mandel and Wade Lageose. They discussed the visionary artist and the upcoming book on his work. Consisting of 1600-1800 of McQuarrie’s Star Wars drawings, sketches, and paintings, it is set to be the most comprehensive volume of his work ever assembled. The book is set to be released in April 2016.
    Since 2010, the team has been rescanning photos, sketches, and other art pieces from the Lucasfilm archives for the best possible quality for the book. They showed photos comparing their new scans with the old previous ones and the difference in tremendous. 
    I know this will hurt my cred as a Star Wars fan, but I honestly didn’t know much about McQuarrie before this panel – I really just went because of my boyfriend who greatly admires his work – definitely glad I went though! I learned a lot and now can say I am definitely an admirer and fan as well.

    The revealed cover for the new comprehensive Ralph McQuarrie book coming Spring 2016.
    The line for Carrie Fisher’s panel.
    There was a Princess Leia fashion show before the panel.
    Once the McQuarrie panel finished, my group got into the quickly-growing, already-very-large line for Carrie Fisher’s “A Date With the Princess” panel. After a “fashion show” consisting of female audience members (and some guys too!) dressed in various Princess Leia costumes, James Arnold Taylor came out and introduced the princess herself Carrie Fisher.
    After walking in with her adorable dog, Gary, Carrie proceeded to do her thing, no filter style. While she didn’t talk much about The Force Awakens (she said they keep her away from that stuff because they know she “inadvertently has a big mouth”), she kept the audience laughing and very entertained with racy jokes and euphemisms, funny Star Wars memories, and even one long passionate kiss with a fan from the audience! JAT did his best, but there’s just no moderating what will come out of Carrie’s mouth or what she will do next. Perhaps this is why the panel seemed to be cut off a little short – after allowing two onstage photos and that kiss, the con probably feared what audience members might ask for (and what Carrie will indulge them) next! Oh well, the panel was definitely a lot of fun and very memorable! It was great to see Carrie enjoying herself and interacting with fans. You can tell she truly appreciates them and that was wonderful to see.
    Carrie Fisher on stage with her dog, Gary // With moderator James Arnold Taylor at last year’s SWC
    I started not feeling so great so I got some gelato (because cold yummy food always make you feel better.. or is that just me?) and headed to the nurse’s office for some painkillers. On the way, we passed a huge crowd surrounding the fountain in front of the convention center. I initially thought it was a cosplay photo op, but then realized there were few costumes. Took a few photos anyway and I now think it was an #AhsokaLives fan gathering – reasonable assumption given the shirts many are wearing. Once I reassured my boyfriend I was fine on my own, I went off to watch the Cosplay Contest while the rest of the male members of my party went to an ILM panel.

    What I believe was the #AhsokaLives fan gathering
    The cosplay contest was awesome! Costumes were divided up into five categories: Jedi & Rebels; Empire & Sith; Princesses & Droids; Armored Troopers; and Aliens, Creatures, and Outer Rim. James Arnold Taylor once again moderated sharing the hosting duties with judge Dee Bradley Baker. One of my favorite moments was Dee mispronouncing the word “crochet” as “crotch-et” while reading a costume description. Her Universe creator and voice of Ahsoka Tano Ashley Eckstein also served as a judge.

    I was really impressed with the creativity and quality of the costumes! Honestly, I cannot choose a favorite, but I loved the various styles of Boba Fett: Wolverine, Spartacus, being eaten by the Sarlacc…very creative and fun! I’m also a sucker for Gonk so I loved seeing the “Steampunk Gonk” costume. The winning costume was a much deserved, very accurate and complex costume of Jedi Master Tera Sinube.

    Warning: Photo Overload Ahead! I did my best to cut back, but there were just too many cool costumes!

    Loved the variety of cosplay characters!
    How cute is the Ewok? He missed the contest deadline due to illness (I believe) but was given a special award – awww
    How great are these? Loved the creativity!
    Jedi & Rebels category
    Sith & Empire category
    Aliens, Creatures, and Outer Rim category
    Armored Troopers category
    Princesses & Droids category
    Best in Category winners
    The Best in Show winner is announced!
    After the contest, I met up with my party on the main floor. They were in a HUGE line for the Star Wars: Battlefront floor exhibit. We waited and waited. We knew we’d be cutting it close to the Anthony Daniels panel which we all wanted to see, but after waiting so long in line, we didn’t want to leave it. The main floor was closing when the Battlefront exhibitors announced that our group would be the very last of the day – we had made it! Inside was a circular room that resembled the Rebel briefing room seen in Return of the Jedi. With everyone standing up, they played the game trailer that was revealed earlier that morning at the 10am panel we had missed as well as an exclusive private demo of the game. The multiplayer session took place on Endor and included AT-STs, AT-ATs, speeder bikes and concluded with you and your Rebel forces entering the bunker… you’re not there very long, however, before Darth Vader himself makes an appearance killing your character and cutting the screen to black.

    The trailer and demo definitely has me pumped about the game! There’s just something so neat about being able to interact in these environments that we are all so familiar with from the movies whether it’s riding a speeder bike, taking down an AT-AT, exploring an Endor bunker, or running into Darth Vader.

    We were informed that the game would be released November 17, one month before The Force Awakens is released. A free tie-in DLC featuring a prominent battle in the movie, The Battle of Jakku, will be available for free on December 8 (December 1st for those who pre-order the game). As if I needed another reason to get a PS4!

    The Star Wars Battlefront floor exhibit
    As awesome as it was to make it into that last group, we sadly ended up missing the Anthony Daniels panel. At that point, all there was left to do were the screenings of Revenge of the Sith in 3D (world premiere!) and A New Hope. I was a bit skeptical that we’d be able to make it into RotS, but Luke and I miraculously somehow managed – our friends, on the other hand, had to wait till it was over and joined for ANH (although their wait was compensated with sweet SWC-exclusive collectible buttons).
    I was very excited to see A New Hope on the big screen for the first time with a room full of diehard Star Wars fans and was surprised to see so many people leave after RotS – maybe they were tired? Didn’t bother me though, just meant that we were able to move up and get awesome seats with our friends nearby. The movie was, of course, amazing and never gets old to me no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

    That concludes Day Two of my Star Wars Celebration experience. Definitely a full and eventful day, I would say it was even better than Day One!


    What was your favorite cosplay contest costume?
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    The Walking Dead Group Cosplay at Comikaze 2014

    This Walking Dead group cosplay from Comikaze was so good I wanted to give it it’s own post! I had to do a double take at the Maggie and Glen! Totally spot on! Sorry I only was able to get one angle of the group, they were just about finishing up so I had to snap these super fast!
    I wonder how much planning went into this!
    Great job, guys!
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    Comikaze 2014

    This last weekend I got to attend my first LA convention, Stan Lee’s Comikaze! It’s funny how it came about actually because I wasn’t even aware of it until a week or so before when I got hired to work its media and professional registration. Once I learned what type of convention I was working, I immediately got tickets for the last day, Sunday, for my family to attend together as my dad was flying in from Florida Saturday night. 
    The first two days I never got further than the registration booths. I arrived bright and early in the morning at 7:30am sharp and worked overtime into the evening. Both days were SUPER busy. At times, the lines seemed never ending. By the end of the day, I was beyond exhausted. And yes, this means I spent my Halloween inside with my sister eating meatloaf and watching Community’s “Epidemiology” episode and missing any and all parties occurring over the weekend. I wasn’t too disappointed, however, because despite how tiring and non-stop the job was, it was also a lot of fun and I met some great people along the way. 
    On to my one actual day of experiencing the convention…. my family and I arrived around 11:30 to the convention center and our first stop? The John Barrowman panel. I have met John several times at Comic Con and have been to many of his panels and he is always hilarious, full of energy, and so warm to his fans. His panel was nothing short of expectation and a great way to start off the con. 
    Afterwards, we got lunch from the nearby food trucks. The two grilled cheese trucks seemed to be the most popular and both had about a 30 minute wait. I had gotten a delicious buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich from the Oh My Gaga truck earlier in the week so decided to go the healthy route and got a chicken wrap.
    Once we got back, my dad and sister went to check out the exhibit hall while I went to the Crunchyroll panel. Their brand managers walked you through a normal day of working at Crunchyroll and talked about what its like working in the anime industry. It was a fun and informative panel and basically described a dream job for me: you get to travel to Japan and go to tons of conventions promoting anime?? Sign me up! If only I lived in San Francisco… 

    Left – this sign made me laugh // Right – my dad proudly sporting his Spock shirt and my lovely sister
    Finally, I made my way to the exhibit hall and explored the many booths and vendors. I didn’t purchase anything (although my sister did get a Gryffindor scarf from the Whimsic Alley booth) but it was fun to walk around. Near closing time, I couldn’t help but take pictures with some of the many awesome cosplayers. I considered dressing up to make up for my lack of a Halloween but it was a little too cold for me that morning. Pictures below are all courtesy of my dad and sister.

    That wraps up my first LA convention and first Comikaze! Looking forward to many more!

    Anyone else go to Comikaze?