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    2016 People’s Choice Awards: Top 3 Best Dressed

    Every year, the People’s Choice Awards kicks off awards season (although, in my opinion, it doesn’t officially start until the Golden Globes) and every year I am 1) baffled by the amount of award categories, 2) baffled by almost all of the winners of said numerous categories, and 3) disappointed with the red carpet fashion (at least as a whole – there have been a few gems here and there). I don’t know if the stars are intentionally lowering our expectations so they can surprise us at the bigger upcoming award shows or what but I’m always underwhelmed and this year more so than any other in the last 5 years. In years past, I’ve done a Top 5, but this year it’s down to three:
    1.     Kate Hudson – Galvan – It’s classic, it’s chic – it’s nothing all that special, but she’s rocking it so confidently I gotta give it up to her. Plus, I love the hair, makeup, and lack of distracting accessories. In a sea of fashion that had a lot going on, I found it’s simplicity refreshing.
    2.     Allison Brie – I don’t know who the designer is, but that might be for the best as I’m not exactly a huge fan of the dress itself. I think the color is great on her and I love her hair and makeup, but the top part of the dress is just…awkward. I’ve looked at several photos of it and yep, it’s a weird fit, but since it was slim pickings for me this year it still makes my list.
    3.   Julianne Hough – KaufmanFranco – I would’ve loved to have seen this dress in white or gold (along with no top knot and softer makeup), black just seems so…harsh. It’s still an incredible gown with a great fit that looks amazing on her body, I just wish the whole look wasn’t so severe.
     I will admit, I have very specific fashion tastes so if you did like the red carpet fashion, good for you, it just wasn’t my particular cup of tea. Here’s hoping I have better luck tomorrow with the Golden Globes!
    Check out my People’s Choice Best Dressed Lists from years past: 20142013, 2012, 2011.
    What did you think of the red carpet fashion?
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    2014 People’s Choice Awards: Top 5 Best Dressed

    I did not get a chance to catch this year’s People’s Choice Awards– but due to my sister’s insistence that I bring back my regular red carpet Best and Worst Dressed lists (and with awards season in full swing now, I guess it’s perfect timing)- here I am with my thoughts on the night’s fashion. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed – I couldn’t come up with a full Top 10 Best Dressed list so I cut it down to five – hopefully, the Golden Globes gives me a little more to work with!
    Although before I start, a few thoughts: 1) I looked up the PCA Winners list and, my goodness, is there an awards show that has more categories?? 2) SO much Gravity love going on – almost too much…but I love Alfonso Cuaron and the movie was great so it’s all good with me. 3) Beauty and the Beast won Best Sci-fi/ Fantasy TV Show over The Walking Dead and Supernatural?? What kind of fans does this show have? I saw a screening of the show at Comic Con last year and thought it was one of the worst pilots I’ve ever seen – I’m not exaggerating or trying to be harsh and I do like Kristin Kruek – maybe the show gets a lot better, I don’t know, but I’m BAFFLED. 4) Moving on, seeing Sam, Dean, and Castiel win Best TV Bromance made me happy. Okay, on to the list!
    #1 – Jessica Alba – Jason Wu
    This dress has bandage details, a full-length zipper down the front of the dress, and lacing all down the sides…in theory, this could’ve turned out really trashy, but instead it’s super chic, sexy, and even classy. LOVE IT! Way to go, Jess!
    #2 – Jennifer Hudson – Kaufmanfranco
    JHud kills it in a fierce white hot dress. Sleek, effortless, and super flattering – what’s not to love?
    #3 – Allison Williams – David Koma
    Chic, youthful, and totally appropriate for the award show, I’m super intrigued by this initially simple-looking dress and it’s futuristic detailing.  Although if this were any other color than that amazing blue that matches her eyes so well, I probably wouldn’t have liked it quite as much.

    #4 – Alyssa Campanella – 
    I have no clue who she is (Google says she won Miss America – cool), but this dress is lovely. I know it’s all about the midi trend right now and yeah, it might be a bit too formal for the occasion, but I’m a sucker for long beautiful gowns in a nice color. 
    #5 – Beth Behrs – Giulietta
    In a night full of midis and prints, this simple and elegant black and white gown was a refreshing stand out even if it wasn’t the biggest risk-taker.
    Who were your favorites?
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    2013 People’s Choice Awards: Best Dressed

    I may have left almost all my possessions back home when I moved to NYC but I gained one thing that I never had in Tallahassee: CABLE!! I have been making the most of having cable back in my life and the fact that my current nesting spot aka bed is my cousin’s couch where the television is oh so conveniently sitting right across from has made it very easy. While it might not be the best thing for me productivity-wise (HOW did I watch FIVE straight hours of Millionaire Matchmaker??! I hate reality TV!), it does have its perks. One of which is being able to watch award shows in real-time instead of having to stalk Twitter. Plus, it’s just not the same having to look at red carpet photos online rather than judging them immediately as they come on screen.. although I have to admit whenever Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer was on screen not even the most gorgeous Monique Lhulier gown could take my eyes off them. Ahem, okay, getting off topic, on to my usual Best Dressed list…

    Taylor Swift – Ralph Lauren – What is there to say? Stunning, as usual. Harry who?
    Rachel Leigh Cook – I’m such a sucker for flowy chiffon gowns in pretty colors.
    Ashley Rickards – I Don’t know who she is, but just look at that detailed beading!
    Kaley Cuoco – Christian Siriano – The first of several amazing dresses she wore throughout the night!
    Julianne Hough – Tony Ward couture – Love the ombre and the blue really brings out her eyes!
    Ellen Pompeo – So classic, simple, and chic!
    Who killed it on the red carpet last night?
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    2012 People’s Choice Awards: Best Dressed

    Can you believe it’s already awards season? The People’s Choice Awards kicked things off Wednesday, followed by Thursday’s Critic’s Choice Awards, culminating in tomorrow’s Golden Globes ceremony– phew! The celebrity stylists must be going crazy this week! I wasn’t incredibly wowed at the People’s Choice Awards, but I do feel like the stars stepped up this year compared to last so I’m optimistic. What I really loved at the People’s Choice Awards were the variety of looks. We saw long gowns and knee-length cocktail dresses, long sleeves and strapless, sparkles and lace, sleek hair and waves, up-dos and down, natural and intense makeup, even a tuxedo was thrown in. Let’s hope the stars only continue to top themselves this season. Here are my top 5 favorite looks of the night. 

    #1 – Jennifer Lawrence – Viktor & Rolf
    Jennifer, or as a friend of mine likes to call her, J.Law, looked absolutely stunning in her structured, cobalt Viktor and Rolf dress. When she walked onto the stage with co-star Liam Hemsworth, I literally cheered and was taken aback by just how incredibly gorgeous she really is. I do find it slightly humorous that “the girl on fire” was wearing what appears to be a water-inspired dress – perhaps this is how Cinna would have dressed Katniss while she and Peeta were visiting Distict 4 (speaking of which, were there seriously no pictures of her and Josh Hutcherson together??)? Okay, sorry, enough Hunger Games talk. Back to the dress – she paired it with black Sergio Rossi shoes and Jack Vartanian jewelry. Topping off her striking look, was a simple but sleek ponytail, intense smokey eyes and light peachy lips.

    #2 – Nina Dobrev – Elie Saab
    As usual, the red carpet star and People’s Choice award winner looked effortlessly flawless in her emerald Elie Saab cocktail dress and shoes. Nina was one of several celebs who were rocking the ulta-flattering color of the night, green, as well as the recently Trendspotted lace long sleeves. She accessorized her look with a Lauren Merkin clutch and J. Mademe jewelry, and kept her hair and makeup simple with sleek, straight hair and natural makeup.

    #3 – Miley Cyrus – David Koma
    I will admit, I’m not a big fan of Miley or the majority of her style choices, but she really killed it that night. With her simple and chic ivory David Koma dress, she looked like a classy young lady instead of a rebellious teen trying too hard. Even with it’s sheer paneling and plunging V-neckline, the dress exuded sophistication, especially when paired with minimumal accessories (Jimmy Choo shoes, Neil Lane jewels and a Marchesa clutch), sideswept waves, and fresh makeup. Love the pleated detailing on the dress too. Keep this up, Miley!

    #4 – Emma Stone – Gucci
    Always a fashion frontrunner, Emma paired a stylish kelly green, black lapel Gucci tuxedo jacket with a white blouse and perfectly tailored black trousers. I don’t know how many people could’ve pulled it off, but she totally owned it, never looking more confident. I love how she kept it casual but classy and that color is simply amazing on her against her red hair. Thanks, Emma, for mixing things up a bit and your win, as well. 

    #5 – Demi Lovato – Marchesa
    Demi looked very grown up (maybe a little too much) in this gorgeous peach strapless Marchesa gown.  It certainly showed off all her curves, and I love the embellished bodice that brings attentions to her slim waist. She paired the gown with Christian Louboutin heels, a Marchesa clutch, and Roseark jewels. I especially adore her hair and makeup – her hair is pulled back into an exquisite bun and her makeup is simply flawless. Despite all these good things, I do think her and the dress, while both lovely, are a little miss-matched for each other, and I would have preferred her in another gown and the dress on someone else.
    What did you guys think of the People’s Choice Awards? What were your favorite looks?
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    Trendspotting: Green With Envy

    No need to wait till St. Patrick’s Day! The People’s Choice Awards introduced a hot new color for the Spring – GREEN! Award winners Emma Stone, Nina Dobrev, and Chloe Moretz all wore the color of the night in a range of universally flattering shades from emerald to jade. As demonstrated by these lovely ladies, it’s popularity can probably be attributed to the fact that it works for every hair color and really complements whatever your makeup, whether it be natural or bold.

    Are you GREEN with envy? Who wore the shade best?
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    2012 People’s Choice Awards

    The People’s Choice Awards is next week on January 11th! As I stated last year, it’s not one of my favorite award shows because, frankly, I find a lot of the things it rewards are undeserving (Twilight: Eclipse won favorite movie last year – really??). But I guess I keep forgetting that the awards are for “FAVORITE Movie/TV/Music….” instead of “BEST Fill-in-the-Blank.”

    Either way, the “awards” aren’t going to be the reason I’m watching… Of course, there’s the fashion! I’m pumped about the first big celebrity fashion gathering of the new year. BUT what I’m MOST excited about is seeing The Hunger Games cast trio finally together for the first time! I’m crossing my fingers that they might even show some new footage. Doubtful, but I can dream!
    Now, just for funzies, I went through some of the many categories and gave my picks (within the confines of the oftentimes restricting and limited nominee list):
    Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2
    Movie Actress: Emma Stone
    Movie Icon: Harrison Ford
    Action Movie: X-Men: First Class
    Comedy Movie: Crazy Stupid Love
    Comedic Actor: Bradley Cooper
    Comedic Actress: Emma Stone
    Ensemble Movie Cast: X-Men: First Class
    Movie Superhero: Chris Evans

    Network TV Drama: Supernatural
    TV Drama Actor: Ian Somerhalder
    TV Drama Actress: Nina Dobrev
    Cable TV Drama: Game of Thones
    Network TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
    TV Comedy Actor: Jim Parsons
    TV Comedy Actress: Tina Fey
    Sci-fi/Fantasy Show: Supernatural
    New TV Comedy: New Girl

    Female Artist: Adele
    Song of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele
    Album of the Year: 21 by Adele
    Pop Artist: Katy Perry
    Band: Maroon 5
    Country Artist: Taylor Swift

    Will you be watching the People’s Choice Awards on January 11th? What/who are you most excited to see?

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    2011 Grammy’s: Worst Dressed

     #10 – Miley Cyrus – Roberto Cavalli

     #9 – Lea Michele – Emilio Pucci

    #8 – Florence Welch – Givenchy

    #7 – Esperanza Spalding

    #6 – Amber Riley

    #5 – Jordin Sparks – Zang To

    #4 – Hayley Williams – Jeremy Scott

    #3 – Rihanna – Jean Paul Gaultier

    #2 – Nicki Minaj – Givenchy HauteCouture by Riccardo Tisci

    #1 – Gram’ma Funk
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    My Picks: 2011 Golden Globe Winners

    Glee’s Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera
    Okay, now thisis more like it! At least award-wise. It’s nice to see some amazing movies getthe awards they deserve. None of this Twilight ridiculousness. I was so happyto see The Social Network dominatingin nearly every movie category because it really was a fantastic film. However,I wouldn’t have minded seeing it share some of its awards with Inception or Black Swan, also two very well done films.

    Best Motion Picture, Drama
    Winner: The Social Network
    My Pick: Quite a competitive category, but it’s a tie between The Social Network and Inception for me, but TSN does haveAndrew Garfield…

    I though the Best Musical or Comedy category was a joke. Most of the films were pretty ‘eh’ to me. Alice in Wonderlandwas very disappointing, and The Kids AreAll Right was just…all right. Congrats to Red for being the first comic book movie to be nominated in thecategory though.

    Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
    Winner: The Kids Are AllRight
    My Pick: None of the nominees. I would choose Easy A for being a genuinely funny, smart film.

    I pretty much would’ve been happy for whoever wonBest Director, all were worthy nominees, although I do feel like Danny Boyle wassnubbed for 127 Hours.

    Best Dramatic Actor
    Winner: Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
    My Pick: James Franco, 127 Hours. I can’t wait to see this riveting performance myself.

    Best Dramatic Actress
    Winner: Natalie Portman, Black Swan
    My Pick: Natalie Portman, for sure!!I am so happy she won! Natalie’s been a long-time favorite actress of mine, and I’m sohappy her talent is finally being recognized! Congrats, girl!

    Best Comedic Actress
    Winner: Annette Bening, TheKids Are All Right
    My Pick: Emma Stone, EasyA. Her performance was genius. She has a bright career ahead of her, andI’m definitely looking forward to seeing her in the new Spiderman films!

    Best Supporting Dramatic Actor
    Winner: Christian Bale, The Fighter
    My Pick: I agree with Christian Bale,but once again there’s my love/obsession for Andrew Garfield…

    Best Drama TV Series
    Winner: Boardwalk Empire
    My Pick: Haven’t actually seenBoardwalk Empire, but The Walking Dead was pretty awesome.

    Best TV Drama Actor
    Winner: Steve Buscemi, BoardwalkEmpire
    My Pick: Hugh Laurie, House. The show has let me down over the years, but Hugh neverhas.

    Best Comedic TV Series
    Winner: Glee
    My Pick: 30 Rock or The Big Bang Theory. I do enjoy myself some Glee, but 30 Rock is sheer brilliance, and The Big Bang Theory was made for super nerds like me.

    The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons
    Best Comedic TV Actor
    Winner: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
    My Pick: Competitive category filledwith great performances, but I gotta agree here. Jim Parson’s Sheldon is absolute perfection!

    Best Comedic TV Actress
    Winner: LauraLinney, The Big C
    My Pick: Tina Fey, 30 Rock. Because she’s the most brilliant and funniest woman on TV. The end.

    Best Supporting TV Actress
    Winner: Jane Lynch, Glee
    My Pick: Agreed, she’s hilarious!

    Best Supporting TV Actor
    Winner: Chris Colfer, Glee
    My Pick: I agree. Chris Colfer has delivered some pretty powerful scenes this season on Glee, so I wasn’t surprised when he took home the award. Congrats to him! 
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    2011 People’s Choice Awards: Top 5 Best Dressed

    Honestly, I was a littlelet down by most of the stars’ fashion choices this year – maybe they’re savingthe good stuff for the big award shows like the Golden Globes and AcademyAwards? Let’s hope so. However, there were a few bright spots, and withoutfurther adieu, my top 5 red, I mean, sapphire carpet picks:

    #1 – Selena Gomez
    My number one pick wassuper easy. This girl is always flawless, and she definitely didn’t let medown! In fact, she was able to wow me twice in two stunning looks. Fun fact: hersecond look was by Project Runway Season 6 winner Irina Shabayeva.

    #2 – Kristen Stewart
    Kristen surprised me by wearing this fabulous gold sequinedReem Acra minidress. And check out those Jimmy Choo heels! Her fashion choicescan either be a hit or miss but here it was definitely a hit.

    #3 – Emma Roberts
    Emma said she was going for a “Black Swan” inspiredlook. Well, whatever look she was going for, she looked fabulous in her ruffledDior dress and Brian Atwood shoes. Very youthful, yet sophisticated!

    #4 – Taylor Swift
    I expected a little more from Taylor since she’ssuch a red carpet goddess. However, she still makes the top 5 because everyoneelse was so lackluster. She does indeed look pretty in her J Mendel dress and Prada shoes, I’mjust used to her looking gorgeous.

    #5 – Tie with Kaley Cuocoand AnnaLynne McCord
    Both of these looks I’mkind of on the fence with. I love Kaley’s white floor-length gown, but I’m notcrazy about her hair and makeup. And while I love AnnaLynne’s hair and makeup,I don’t know about the dress. Great, flattering color which looks amazing fromthe back, but just blah in the front.

    Next up are the GoldenGlobes! Time to step it up, ladies!
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    2011 People’s Choice Awards

    Last night was the People’s Choice Awards! Although it’s notone of my favorite award shows, it’s still interesting to watch just to seewhat all the stars are wearing.
    While some of the winners were just straight up ridiculousand some categories just so silly I could care less who won (or I was justambivalent about all the nominees), there were a few where I really would’vechosen differently.
    Favorite Movie & Favorite Drama Movie
    Winner: Twilight Saga: Eclipse (seriously, how many tweensvoted in this?)
    My Pick: Inception/The Social Network
    Favorite Action Movie
    Winner: Iron Man 2 (love the original, but the sequel was aletdown)
    My Pick: Kick-A**
    Favorite Comedy Movie
    Winner: Grown Ups
    My Pick: Easy A
    Favorite TV Comedy
    Winner: Glee (although I do enjoy the show)
    My Pick: How I Met Your Mother (it’s just so awesome)
    Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy Show
    Winner: Fringe
    My Pick: Supernatural
    Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure
    Winner: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
    My Pick: Tosh.O
    Favorite TV Guest Star
    Winner: Demi Lovato on Grey’s Anatomy
    My Pick: Neil Patrick Harris on Glee
    Favorite TV Comedy Actor actually had a great list ofnominees and any of them would’ve been deserving, but I’m glad to see NeilPatrick Harris getting some props for his amazing work on HIMYM. I was alsohappy to see Tim Roth win Favorite TV Crime Fighter. I don’t follow Lie to Meregularly but he’s one of my favorite movie actors and I’m so happy for hissuccess. Congrats to Conan O’Brien for Favorite Talk Show Host, I’ve always loved him. Also congrats to Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift for their wins, they’re both so fabulous.
    People’s Choice Awards Fashion Post Coming Up Next!