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    2017 Golden Globes Best Dressed

    Golden Globes Best Dressed // The Geeky Fashionista

    Awards season is in full swing and you know what that means! It’s time for my annual red carpet Best Dressed lists! We’re starting things off with last Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony where La La Land received a totally deserved record-breaking 7 wins! Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie yet…Go. See. It. As for the fashion (because that’s what this post is about), I was really feeling a lot of the looks this year! There were more plunging necklines than I’ve ever seen at one show, but they were done very tastefully and different so it never seemed like we were seeing the same thing over and over again. Other trends we saw were lots of sparkle, metallics, and the color yellow.

    Keep reading to see my top 10 Best Dressed Golden Globes picks!

    Also be sure to check out my red carpet posts from past years.

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    2015 Golden Globes Best Dressed

    The Golden Globes happened this past week and with that we are officially in awards season! As usual, I did not catch the live broadcast, but instead stayed up to date on all the red carpet goodness and winners through Twitter.  Highlights for me included: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting because they are flawless and should host everything and, yes, women can be funny; Gina Rodriguez‘s win for Jane the Virgin because she’s a wonderfully charming actress in a wonderfully charming and underrated show and the win was totally deserved (and historical! as it was the CW’s first ever Globe win); How To Train Your Dragon 2‘s win for Best Animated Feature because while I do LOVE me some The Lego Movie, this movie was just magical and gave me all the feels; and Matt Bomer‘s win because it gave me the opportunity to see more of Matt Bomer. Anyway, this is a fashion post, so let’s talk fashion. Here are my totally random top picks for Best Dressed at the Golden Globes.
    Emma Stone – Lanvin
    Not sure how I feel about that giant bow/cape thing, but it does add something and leave it to Emma to always try something different and look fashion forward and fresh. I wouldn’t love this nearly as much if it were dress.
    Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Carolina Herrera
    I’m surprised how much I loved the color yellow at the Globes. Also surprised at how much I love this dress as the shape is a little odd especially around the middle. I think Jenna’s just really working it, the contrast with her dark hair is fantastic.
     Reese Witherspoon – Calvin Klein
    Simple, classic, elegant – very Reese.
     Naomi Watts – Gucci
    New trend alert! Snake necklaces are in (Kate Beckinsale also rocked one at the AMAs) as is the aforementioned color yellow.
     Lupita Nyong’o – Giambattista Valli
    I love how much fun Lupita has with her red carpet fashion choices, especially when it comes to color! You know she’s always going to pop and look lovely in whatever she wears and this was no exception. Such a show stopper. Also her, makeup is divine.

    Leslie Mann – KAUFMANFRANCO
    More yellow! Love the surprise pop of green in the earrings and clutch!
    Kate Beckinsale – Elie Saab
    Kate looks gorgeous as usual. I love the sparkly top, the flawy bottom, and the accessories (big earrings are a guilty pleasure of mine even if not always flattering). My favorite little detail are the black nails – something so small yet I feel like it just elevates the look to another level.
    Amy Adams – Atelier Versace
    Super safe – I feel like she’s worn something like this many times before, but the color is just oh so perfect on her.
    What are your Best Dressed picks?
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    2013 Golden Globes: Best Dressed

    I really enjoyed this year’s Golden Globes. Tina and Amy were, of course, amazing and probably the best hosting duo I’ve seen at any awards show. Among some expected wins, I was very happily surprised at some of the outcomes – particularly Quentin Tarantino’s Best Screenplay award, Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Actress, and Ben Affleck for Best Director. And then there was the fashion. The Golden Globes usually ranks pretty high on my list of favorite red carpet fashion events and I was blown away by last year’s looks. While this year didn’t quite top 2012, it still held its own with a number of stunning gowns. Biggest surprise here was that, for once, Taylor Swift not only did not top my list but didn’t make my Top 10 at all. I still love her, but I was not feeling her eggplant Donna Karan Atelier gown. The back is fantastic, but that high neckline and those glaring visible wrinkles? Not so much. On to those that did get it right:
    Claire Danes – Versace
     Kristen Wiig – Michael Kors
     Hayden Panettiere – Roberto Cavalli
     Megan Fox – Dolce & Gabbana
     Sophia Vergara – Michael Cinco
     Anne Hathaway – Chanel Couture
     Jennifer Garner – Vivienne Westwood Couture
     Lea Michele – Elie Saab
     Amanda Seyfried – Givenchy
    Jennifer Lawrence – Dior Couture by Raf Simmons
    What were your favorite moments and looks from the Golden Globes?
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    2012 Golden Globes: Best Dressed

    I know this post is about a week overdue, but refer to my Laptop Situation post to understand the delay. As stated in my Critics’ Choice Awards: Best Dressed post, I loved the fashion at the Golden Globes, and I’m eagerly awaiting the Oscars to see what these lovely ladies will do next. The gowns were gorgeous and varied (although nude was definitely the trend of the night); the hair and makeup flawless; and the accessories perfectly complimentary. Like the CCAs, I had a hard time putting the looks in order (it was difficult enough narrowing down the list to just 12 to begin with). What I basically ended up doing was sitting back and asking myself, “Who would I want to look like and which gown would I want to wear if I was on the red carpet?” and here’s the resulting list. 
    #1 – Kate Beckinsale – Roberto Cavalli
    Simply flawless in every way. In my opinion, Kate is one of, if not THE most beautiful women on the planet (AND she’s hilarious) which might give her an unfair advantage since she would probably look good in a trash bag, but she has fantastic style to boot. Some may complain that this look is boring or nothing special, but I love it. The gown’s silhouette is very flattering, and the beading detail is incredible. I LOVE that she left her neck bare but accessorized with huge, eye-catching earrings and bracelets. Her hair is pulled back in an updo, showing off her criminally gorgeous face.
    #2 – Shailene Woodley – Marchesa
    The more I looked at this gown, the more I fell in love with it. The detail of the bodice is simply amazing, and the color works so well with her skin tone. She made the right choice in letting this ultra-feminine gown be the center of attention by wearing light, fresh makeup and no jewelry but for some small earrings. She may be young, but Shailene has demonstrated great red carpet style this awards season so far, managing to look both classy and age appropriate – props!
    #3 – Charlize Theron – Dior Couture
    This look seemed to be the favorite of the night and for good reason! People were eagerly anticipating Charlize’s red carpet comeback, and she did not disappoint. With her light pink Dior gown, she looked like an ethereal princess among the sea of attendees. On anyone else, someone might say there is too much going on in this outfit with the plunging neckline, high slit, big side bow, headband…but Charlize wears everything with such elegance and confidence, and she makes it look effortless. Just gorgeous.
    #4 – Felicity Huffman – Romona Keveza 
    Why, oh why weren’t there any red carpet pictures of this GORGEOUS gown?? The moment Felicity stepped on stage to present, I thought to myself, “Wow, she has never looked better!” She looked downright stunning with her soft, wavy updo and natural makeup in this beautiful gold Romona Keveza gown. And how cute was her little ditty with her husband and fellow presenter William H. Macy?
    #5 – Sarah Hyland – Dolce & Gabbana
    I love, love, LOVE all the lace here. It gives the dress such an interesting texture and romantic look. I also love her wavy updo and smokey eye makeup with nude lips. Sarah is another young star who has a knack for choosing sophisticated yet youthful looks for the red carpet.
     #6 – Emma Stone – Lanvin
    Speaking of young stars with great red carpet style… it’s always exciting to see what Emma will be wearing because you never know what she’s going to do next. She keeps it young and fresh, fashion-forward and always sophisticated, and the Golden Globes were no different. The two-tone plum and fuschia coloring is just fantastic and oh-so-flattering against her fair skin. The embroidered shoulders are an interesting touch as is the awesome eagle belt. Love the hair and makeup, as well.
    #7 – Sophia Vergara – Vera Wang
    This woman has such an amazing body! How can you be that curvy and have such skinny arms? It’s just not fair. But back to the dress…the deep blue mermaid gown definitely showed off her incredible figure, and I love the texture at the bottom. Her sleek straight hair, red lipstick, and big bold earrings were pretty standard Sophia, but hey, if it works…
    #8 – Jessica Alba – Gucci
    Jessica looks so girly and romantic here. The lavender gown with beading detail is so pretty, and her skin (and smile) is just radiant. It’s not a very daring look, and she’s definitely done this same hair and makeup combo before (it’s fabulous, nonetheless), but l love its softness.
     #9 – Salma Hayek – Gucci Premiere
    Now to go from girly and romantic to womanly and fierce. Salma looked stunning in her beaded Gucci gown. I especially liked the design of the bodice. The only negative is her hair. While I liked her long wavy hair, and I’m usually a fan of ombre, the color change here is a little too abrupt for my taste. 
     #10 – Nicole Kidman – Versace
    Nicole looked positively glowing in this grey column gown with intricate gold stud detailing. She’s had some questionable choices in the past, but totally redeems herself here. I could just stare at this gown with all its details for hours – it’s amazing. The hair, makeup, and accessories – all quite simple – come together to compliment the stunning look.
    #11 – Reese Witherspoon – Zac Posen
    Reese looked red hot in this Jessica Rabbit-esque, figure-hugging bustier gown. You can’t go wrong with a sweetheart necklines, in my opinion, and I’m really loving her beachy, tousled waves and natural makeup.
    #12 – Evan Rachel Wood – Gucci
    Such an interesting, modern take on an Old Hollywood-style gown! I love the emerald ombre-like coloring and the different textures of the sequins and peacock feathers. Don’t know how many people could pull such an exquisite gown off, but Evan looks sophisticated and confident as ever (check out that posture!).
    Which is your favorite? Who are you most looking forward to see at the Oscars?
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    Trendspotting: Headbands & Chignons

    In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with glamorous loose waves, sleek long hair, or a sassy high ponytail on the red carpet, and while there were plenty of these looks at the awards event, two other hair trends were quite prominent and the talk of the town at the Golden Globes.

    First, were the headbands worn by not one, not two, but three attendees…and three’s a trend, right? Especially when the wearees include Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams. These controversial hair pieces sparked debate across the Internet. Most people either loved them or hate them. I, myself,  am a fan, although I believe they work better for some outfits than others. Charlize and Busy Phillips’ headbands were nice additions to their outfits, but I think Michelle could have done without it.

    Want to jump on the trend? Here are some Etsy stores that sell super cute headbands: Vivienne Paris, Ruffles and Fringe, and My Lavaliere.

    Second, which really aren’t all that uncommon on the red carpet, were the multitude of romantic, messy chignons. Charlize, always a fashion-forward trendsetter, actually wore both a chignon and a headband – and pulled it off effortlessly! Stars also on the chignon train were Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, and Jessica Alba.

    What were your favorite hair trends at the Golden Globes?

    Golden Globes, Worst Dressed

    Golden Globes: Worst Dressed List

    So you all know who I think got it right at the Globes. Now, here’s who I think needs to hire a new stylist (in no particular order because they’re all tragic).

    Christina Hendricks: That giant ruffle is SO distracting and unflattering.
    Michelle Williams: Granny prints are not Globes-appropriate.

    Helena Bonham Carter: This look is the epitome of “Hot Mess.”
    Lea Michelle: Reminds me of Pepto Bismol. Not a fan of her messy hair either.

    Halle Berry: This dress screams cougar.
    Julianne Moore: Someone get this woman an iron STAT!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt: What is up with that neckline??
    Kaley Cuoco: The odd tiering of the lower half of the dress is just wrong.
    Agree/Disagree?? Did I leave someone out? Comment and give me your thoughts!

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    2011 Golden Globes: Best Dressed List

    The Golden Globes have comeand gone. You know my opinion when it comes to who won the awards, but who didI think ruled the red carpet? Like the People’s Choice Awards, I was a bitdisappointed, but I do applaud many of the stars for their fashion risks. Did Ilike many of the fashion risks? No, but a lot of fashion “experts” did, and theyended up on many best dressed lists so good for them. But here’s my list ofbest dressed ladies, and it’s filled with what many might call “safe” choices,but whatever, it’s my list and they look gorgeous to me. I’ve also included those who almost made the cut, but for one reason or another, just didn’t quite do so.

    #1 – Dianna Agron
    I love everything aboutthis look! Hair, dress, makeup, accessories, even the black nail polish! Diannalooks absolutely gorgeous, channeling old Hollywood in this J.Mendel gown! Asone of my friends said, “She’s just so perfect!” It’s so true.

    #2 – Carrie Underwood
    Carrie is always one of myfavorites on the red carpet, and she once again looked fabulous in a quartzsequin strapless gown by Badgley Mischka Couture. She absolutely glows and what an amazing smile!

    #3 – Sarah Hyland
    I’m one of the few who don’t watch Modern Family so I don’t know who she is, but I absolutely adore this Café Au Lait Max Azria gown. It’s so elegant, and the color is simply gorgeous on her. I wish I could steal this dress, I love it so much. 

    #3 – Mila Kunis
    I am in love with the color ofthis emerald Vera Wang gown! Just stunning! She looks like a grecian goddess!

    #4 – Megan Fox
    Why does she look so poutyin all her pictures? It’s so unflattering, and she’s very pretty. Nevertheless, I can’t deny that I love her pale pink Giorgio Armani Privé gown. If only she would smile and wear some less severe makeup, she’d look amazing.

    #5 – Milla Jovovich
    Underrated much? I don’t think I’ve seenanyone say anything about this gown, and I have NO idea why. It and Milla lookstunning!

    #6 – Olivia Wilde
    The gown that’s on nearlyevery Best Dressed list. At first look, I thought it was too much, but I’veactually come to like it. Plus with a gown by Marchesa, shoes by Christian Louboutin,and jewelry by Tiffany’s, how do you go wrong? Talk about the ultimate combination!

    #7 – Helen Mirren
    I sure do hope I have Helen’s grace and style when I’m her age. She is just fabulous and the dress is beautiful. Flawless.

    #9 – Kyra Sedgwick
    Kyra looks so classy andelegant in this orange chiffon Emilio Pucci dress. I don’t know too many whocould pull of this color, but she does so effortlessly.

    #10 – Eva Longoria andMandy Moore
    I thought Eva looked verysophisticated in her black Zac Posen gown. It was very feminine but also strongat the same time. My one negative is that I feel there is a bit too much fabric at the bottom and it looks like its swallowing her. Mandy Moore wore one of my favorite designers, MoniqueLhullier, and while her hair and makeup do look wonderful, there was justsomething off about the gown that kept this look from being higher on the list. I actually think i would’ve liked it a lot more if it had just been a deeper blue.

    Close…But Not Quite (in no particular order)

     Emma Stone

    Love thesilhouette and simplicity of the gown, but not the color, at least on her skin tone. She still looks gorgeous and sophisticated, nevertheless. 

    Scarlett Johansson
    This Ellie Saab dress is indeed beautiful (I love the detailed beading), but she’s single now, and I feellike she could have done better. I would have loved to see her wearing something bold and striking.

    Sandra Bullock
    The Marchesa dress isactually incredibly beautiful, but the hair is justhorrible and distracts from its loveliness. Why, Sandra?

    Amy Adams
    I like the color, hair, andmakeup. But there is something about that giant thing growing along her torso that I just don’tcare for.

    Nicole Kidman
    Many thought this gown byPrada was too boring. Maybe a little, yes, but I do think she looks very elegant.

    Natalie Portman
    She is so pretty, but that big sequin rose plastered on her chest is not.

    So that’s my list, agree/disagree? Who did you like? Comment and let me know! Coming up: My WORST Dressed List!!
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    My Picks: 2011 Golden Globe Winners

    Glee’s Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera
    Okay, now thisis more like it! At least award-wise. It’s nice to see some amazing movies getthe awards they deserve. None of this Twilight ridiculousness. I was so happyto see The Social Network dominatingin nearly every movie category because it really was a fantastic film. However,I wouldn’t have minded seeing it share some of its awards with Inception or Black Swan, also two very well done films.

    Best Motion Picture, Drama
    Winner: The Social Network
    My Pick: Quite a competitive category, but it’s a tie between The Social Network and Inception for me, but TSN does haveAndrew Garfield…

    I though the Best Musical or Comedy category was a joke. Most of the films were pretty ‘eh’ to me. Alice in Wonderlandwas very disappointing, and The Kids AreAll Right was just…all right. Congrats to Red for being the first comic book movie to be nominated in thecategory though.

    Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
    Winner: The Kids Are AllRight
    My Pick: None of the nominees. I would choose Easy A for being a genuinely funny, smart film.

    I pretty much would’ve been happy for whoever wonBest Director, all were worthy nominees, although I do feel like Danny Boyle wassnubbed for 127 Hours.

    Best Dramatic Actor
    Winner: Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
    My Pick: James Franco, 127 Hours. I can’t wait to see this riveting performance myself.

    Best Dramatic Actress
    Winner: Natalie Portman, Black Swan
    My Pick: Natalie Portman, for sure!!I am so happy she won! Natalie’s been a long-time favorite actress of mine, and I’m sohappy her talent is finally being recognized! Congrats, girl!

    Best Comedic Actress
    Winner: Annette Bening, TheKids Are All Right
    My Pick: Emma Stone, EasyA. Her performance was genius. She has a bright career ahead of her, andI’m definitely looking forward to seeing her in the new Spiderman films!

    Best Supporting Dramatic Actor
    Winner: Christian Bale, The Fighter
    My Pick: I agree with Christian Bale,but once again there’s my love/obsession for Andrew Garfield…

    Best Drama TV Series
    Winner: Boardwalk Empire
    My Pick: Haven’t actually seenBoardwalk Empire, but The Walking Dead was pretty awesome.

    Best TV Drama Actor
    Winner: Steve Buscemi, BoardwalkEmpire
    My Pick: Hugh Laurie, House. The show has let me down over the years, but Hugh neverhas.

    Best Comedic TV Series
    Winner: Glee
    My Pick: 30 Rock or The Big Bang Theory. I do enjoy myself some Glee, but 30 Rock is sheer brilliance, and The Big Bang Theory was made for super nerds like me.

    The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons
    Best Comedic TV Actor
    Winner: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
    My Pick: Competitive category filledwith great performances, but I gotta agree here. Jim Parson’s Sheldon is absolute perfection!

    Best Comedic TV Actress
    Winner: LauraLinney, The Big C
    My Pick: Tina Fey, 30 Rock. Because she’s the most brilliant and funniest woman on TV. The end.

    Best Supporting TV Actress
    Winner: Jane Lynch, Glee
    My Pick: Agreed, she’s hilarious!

    Best Supporting TV Actor
    Winner: Chris Colfer, Glee
    My Pick: I agree. Chris Colfer has delivered some pretty powerful scenes this season on Glee, so I wasn’t surprised when he took home the award. Congrats to him!