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    2017 Oscars Best Dressed

    2017 Oscars Best Dressed // The Geeky Fashionista

    I think this is the earliest I’ve ever put up a Best Dressed list! Yay – go me!! I really haven’t been feeling very well all week (meaning no annual Oscars viewing party with friends for me) so it’s been a bit difficult doing, well, anything but seeing as how I’m leaving in 2 days to go to AUSTRALIA (!!!), I really wanted to push myself to get this post up ASAP. 

    Anyway…the Oscars were this past Sunday and despite being majorly sick in bed, I was still able to watch (and tweet) the broadcast in real time! And what an Oscars it was! Of course, there was that infamous Best Picture snafu we’ve all heard about by now… Despite that, overall, I thought it was a really good show and that Jimmy Kimmel did a great job hosting.

    La La Land was one of my Top 5 Films of the year but I was glad to see one of my other favorites, Hacksaw Ridge, getting some love and taking home 2 awards. I’m usually pretty spot on with my Oscars predictions each year but this year with 18 out of 24, I was a bit off. Some winners threw me for a loop (i.e. Suicide Squad) and others (Fantastic Beasts, Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival) I was genuinely happy to be wrong about.

    But this post is about FASHION so let’s talk about that. There were some real stunners on the red carpet. I miss my flowy gowns of awards shows past, but it’s definitely interesting to see how fashion evolves over the years. The biggest color trends I saw were lots of metallics (especially gold), black, white, and red. There were also lots of long sleeves, high slits, high necklines, low plunging necklines, capes, and velvet!

    Who worked these trends the best? Keep reading for my Oscars Best Dressed List!

    Also be sure to check out my red carpet posts from past years.

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    2017 Golden Globes Best Dressed

    Golden Globes Best Dressed // The Geeky Fashionista

    Awards season is in full swing and you know what that means! It’s time for my annual red carpet Best Dressed lists! We’re starting things off with last Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony where La La Land received a totally deserved record-breaking 7 wins! Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie yet…Go. See. It. As for the fashion (because that’s what this post is about), I was really feeling a lot of the looks this year! There were more plunging necklines than I’ve ever seen at one show, but they were done very tastefully and different so it never seemed like we were seeing the same thing over and over again. Other trends we saw were lots of sparkle, metallics, and the color yellow.

    Keep reading to see my top 10 Best Dressed Golden Globes picks!

    Also be sure to check out my red carpet posts from past years.

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    2016 Oscars: Best Dressed

    Sorry this is so late! I haven’t done as many Best Dressed Lists as years past, but I couldn’t NOT do a post for the biggest red carpet fashion event of the year! Instead of a Top 10, I’m going to do my top 5 looks from Oscars Night (with an honorable mention thrown in) and then my top 5 from the Vanity Fair after party – I think I liked those looks even more!
    #1 – Isla Fisher – Marchesa
    WHY hasn’t this dress received more attention? I haven’t seen it on a SINGLE Best Dressed list and that’s such a shame because it’s simply beautiful. Isla’s whole look is ON POINT. She looks flawless. The hair, the makeup, the subtle accessories, the simple thin belt – I love it all! I don’t normally like dresses with prints, but this is soooo elegant and lovely. It might not be the most traditional “glamorous” or risk-taking gown, but STILL. Again, how did this go under the radar??
    #2 – Saoirse Ronan – Calvin Klein
    Saoirse went from a pretty girl to a stunning woman in this gorgeous emerald gown! The color truly brings out her eyes and perfectly complements her skin. Her soft and natural makeup and hair balance the look’s sexiness with it’s plunging necklace and revealing back.
    #3 – Priyanka Chopra – Zuhair Murad
    Such an exquisite gown with beautiful detailing. Love the accessories and subtle makeup. 
    #4 – Alicia Vikander – Louis Vuitton 
    I’m not a fan of the balloon skirt hem, but the rest of the dress is so pretty and yellow looks wonderful on her. I also adore the statement earrings.
    #5 – Jennifer Garner – Atelier Versace
    This makes my list more for the fact that Jen looks absolutely stunning than so much the dress which is still pretty but not exactly my taste. The half-half look of the dress is different but a bit odd to me – I think I probably would have liked it more if it just chose one look for both sides.
    Honorable Mention – Tina Fey – Atelier Versace
    My queen looked so elegant in this beautiful purple gown. I’m not sure about the necklace with blue jewels – I probably would have just left the neck bare like many other ladies or worn an all silver or crystal necklace.
    Who made your Best Dressed List?
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    2015 Golden Globes Best Dressed

    The Golden Globes happened this past week and with that we are officially in awards season! As usual, I did not catch the live broadcast, but instead stayed up to date on all the red carpet goodness and winners through Twitter.  Highlights for me included: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting because they are flawless and should host everything and, yes, women can be funny; Gina Rodriguez‘s win for Jane the Virgin because she’s a wonderfully charming actress in a wonderfully charming and underrated show and the win was totally deserved (and historical! as it was the CW’s first ever Globe win); How To Train Your Dragon 2‘s win for Best Animated Feature because while I do LOVE me some The Lego Movie, this movie was just magical and gave me all the feels; and Matt Bomer‘s win because it gave me the opportunity to see more of Matt Bomer. Anyway, this is a fashion post, so let’s talk fashion. Here are my totally random top picks for Best Dressed at the Golden Globes.
    Emma Stone – Lanvin
    Not sure how I feel about that giant bow/cape thing, but it does add something and leave it to Emma to always try something different and look fashion forward and fresh. I wouldn’t love this nearly as much if it were dress.
    Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Carolina Herrera
    I’m surprised how much I loved the color yellow at the Globes. Also surprised at how much I love this dress as the shape is a little odd especially around the middle. I think Jenna’s just really working it, the contrast with her dark hair is fantastic.
     Reese Witherspoon – Calvin Klein
    Simple, classic, elegant – very Reese.
     Naomi Watts – Gucci
    New trend alert! Snake necklaces are in (Kate Beckinsale also rocked one at the AMAs) as is the aforementioned color yellow.
     Lupita Nyong’o – Giambattista Valli
    I love how much fun Lupita has with her red carpet fashion choices, especially when it comes to color! You know she’s always going to pop and look lovely in whatever she wears and this was no exception. Such a show stopper. Also her, makeup is divine.

    Leslie Mann – KAUFMANFRANCO
    More yellow! Love the surprise pop of green in the earrings and clutch!
    Kate Beckinsale – Elie Saab
    Kate looks gorgeous as usual. I love the sparkly top, the flawy bottom, and the accessories (big earrings are a guilty pleasure of mine even if not always flattering). My favorite little detail are the black nails – something so small yet I feel like it just elevates the look to another level.
    Amy Adams – Atelier Versace
    Super safe – I feel like she’s worn something like this many times before, but the color is just oh so perfect on her.
    What are your Best Dressed picks?
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    2014 People’s Choice Awards: Top 5 Best Dressed

    I did not get a chance to catch this year’s People’s Choice Awards– but due to my sister’s insistence that I bring back my regular red carpet Best and Worst Dressed lists (and with awards season in full swing now, I guess it’s perfect timing)- here I am with my thoughts on the night’s fashion. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed – I couldn’t come up with a full Top 10 Best Dressed list so I cut it down to five – hopefully, the Golden Globes gives me a little more to work with!
    Although before I start, a few thoughts: 1) I looked up the PCA Winners list and, my goodness, is there an awards show that has more categories?? 2) SO much Gravity love going on – almost too much…but I love Alfonso Cuaron and the movie was great so it’s all good with me. 3) Beauty and the Beast won Best Sci-fi/ Fantasy TV Show over The Walking Dead and Supernatural?? What kind of fans does this show have? I saw a screening of the show at Comic Con last year and thought it was one of the worst pilots I’ve ever seen – I’m not exaggerating or trying to be harsh and I do like Kristin Kruek – maybe the show gets a lot better, I don’t know, but I’m BAFFLED. 4) Moving on, seeing Sam, Dean, and Castiel win Best TV Bromance made me happy. Okay, on to the list!
    #1 – Jessica Alba – Jason Wu
    This dress has bandage details, a full-length zipper down the front of the dress, and lacing all down the sides…in theory, this could’ve turned out really trashy, but instead it’s super chic, sexy, and even classy. LOVE IT! Way to go, Jess!
    #2 – Jennifer Hudson – Kaufmanfranco
    JHud kills it in a fierce white hot dress. Sleek, effortless, and super flattering – what’s not to love?
    #3 – Allison Williams – David Koma
    Chic, youthful, and totally appropriate for the award show, I’m super intrigued by this initially simple-looking dress and it’s futuristic detailing.  Although if this were any other color than that amazing blue that matches her eyes so well, I probably wouldn’t have liked it quite as much.

    #4 – Alyssa Campanella – 
    I have no clue who she is (Google says she won Miss America – cool), but this dress is lovely. I know it’s all about the midi trend right now and yeah, it might be a bit too formal for the occasion, but I’m a sucker for long beautiful gowns in a nice color. 
    #5 – Beth Behrs – Giulietta
    In a night full of midis and prints, this simple and elegant black and white gown was a refreshing stand out even if it wasn’t the biggest risk-taker.
    Who were your favorites?
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    2013 BAFTAs: Best Dressed

    I was pretty underwhelmed by the fashion at the BAFTAs, thus, I decided to only post my three favorite looks from the night. I love how they are so different from each other.
     Jessica Chastain – Roland Mouret
    Brilliant color on her!
     Anne Hathaway – Burberry
    I miss her long hair, but this is so chic!
    Jennifer Lawrence – Christian Dior Couture
    Love this girly gown on her and that smoky eye is incredible.
    What was your favorite BAFTA look?

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    2013 Screen Actor’s Guild: Best Dressed

    The Screen Actor Guild Awards was this past Sunday and here are my favorite looks of the night:
     Nina Dobrev – Elie Saab
    I’ve missed seeing her on the red carpet because, as seen here, she always looks incredible.
     Jennifer Lawrence – Dior
    The blue really makes her eyes pop! Love it with that lip color too!
     Kerry Washington – Rodarte
    The bodice is beautiful and she looks angelic in white.
     Tina Fey – Oscar de la Renta
    Another great look, Tina has really stepped it up on the red carpet this year.
     Amanda Seyfried – Zac Posen
    The deep blue color looks incredible on her! And that hair!
    Amy Poehler – Zuhair Murad
    I love everything about this!! The best she’s ever looked!
    Jennifer Garner – Oscar de la Renta
    She looks divine in this gold beaded gown.
     Naomi Watts – Marchesa
    The detail of the gown is gorgeous!
    What were your favorite SAG looks?
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    2013 Golden Globes: Best Dressed

    I really enjoyed this year’s Golden Globes. Tina and Amy were, of course, amazing and probably the best hosting duo I’ve seen at any awards show. Among some expected wins, I was very happily surprised at some of the outcomes – particularly Quentin Tarantino’s Best Screenplay award, Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Actress, and Ben Affleck for Best Director. And then there was the fashion. The Golden Globes usually ranks pretty high on my list of favorite red carpet fashion events and I was blown away by last year’s looks. While this year didn’t quite top 2012, it still held its own with a number of stunning gowns. Biggest surprise here was that, for once, Taylor Swift not only did not top my list but didn’t make my Top 10 at all. I still love her, but I was not feeling her eggplant Donna Karan Atelier gown. The back is fantastic, but that high neckline and those glaring visible wrinkles? Not so much. On to those that did get it right:
    Claire Danes – Versace
     Kristen Wiig – Michael Kors
     Hayden Panettiere – Roberto Cavalli
     Megan Fox – Dolce & Gabbana
     Sophia Vergara – Michael Cinco
     Anne Hathaway – Chanel Couture
     Jennifer Garner – Vivienne Westwood Couture
     Lea Michele – Elie Saab
     Amanda Seyfried – Givenchy
    Jennifer Lawrence – Dior Couture by Raf Simmons
    What were your favorite moments and looks from the Golden Globes?
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    2012 AMAs: Best Dressed

    I don’t have cable so I wasn’t able to watch the actual awards show, but thanks to the internet, I was able to stay up to date on the glitzy red carpet fashion (and watch Taylor Swift’s fierce performance). Here are my favorite red carpet looks of the night:

    Taylor Swift – Zuhair Murad 
    Carrie Underwood – Abed Mahfouz 
    Hayden Panettiere – Giorgio Armani 
    Kelly Rowland – Naeem Khan
    What were your favorite dresses of the night?
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    2012 Emmys: Best Dressed

    Hey guys, long time no see! Sorry this is becoming a pattern but believe me when I say I am dealing with some intense personal issues right now that definitely merit the time off from blogging. However, I’m making a quick return because the Emmys were Sunday night (like I need another distraction from doing my homework) and, thus, I had to, of course, do my obligatory Best Dressed list because, as a huge TV fan, the Emmys is an awards show I somewhat care what the results are – and, yes, I realize there are wayyy too many commas in that last sentence haha.

    I wasn’t as in love with this year’s red carpet fashion as I was last year’s (of course, last year had Nina Dobrev who just makes any red carpet that much better), but there still plenty of standout looks. Color was definitely a big trend of the night. My favorite being blues and teals. Orange and yellow were also popular colors, but as you can tell from the absence save one on my list, it wasn’t a huge hit to me.
    Sidenote: Congrats to Homeland and Modern Family on all the wins, but if it were up to me, Breaking Bad (a big ol’ freaking congrats to Aaron Paul for Best Supporting, Drama, btw) and Community (still can’t believe it wasn’t even nominated) would have swept the drama and comedy categories, respectively. But anyway…on to the fashion!
    #1 – Heidi Klum – Alexandre Vauthier
    #2 – Tina Fey – Vivienne Westwood 
    #3 – Sarah Hyland – Marchesa
    #4 – Zooey Deschanel – Reem Akra
    #5 – Kristen Wiig – Balenciaga
    #6 – Jessica Pare – Jason Wu
    #7 – Giuliana Rancic – Rafael Cennamo
    #8 -Sofia Vergara – Zuhair Muhrad 
    #9 – Padma Lakshmi – Monique Lhullier
    #10 – Hayden Panettiere – Marchesa
    What was your favorite Emmys red carpet look?
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    2012 MET Gala: Best Dressed

    Next to the Academy Awards, the MET Gala, this year honoring Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada, is probably my most looked forward to fashion event. Stars and designers really step up their game, and the result is a fashion lover’s dream. I was impressed with so many of this year’s looks! So many stars, so many amazing gowns!! But along with so many hits, there were some monumental misses (Worst Dressed post coming soon – haven’t done one of those in a while!). Because it was so difficult for me to rank the looks, instead of my usual Top 10, here are my 15 favorite looks in no particular order (except for the first two).
    Ashley Greene – Donna Karan Atelier
    My favorite look of the night! She looks head-to-toe flawless.

    Nina Dobrev – Donna Karan Atelier
    Nina kills it (as usual) at her first MET Gala appearance.

    Scarlett Johansson – Dolce & Gabbana
    I like it, but probably would have looked even better with soft pink lips.
    Gisele Bundchen (with Tom Brady) – Givenchy
    I feel like I’ve definitely seen this dress before, but it’s gorgeous and she rocks it either way.
    Amy Adams – Giambattista Valli Haute Couture
    Classic and simple, she looks so lovely and elegant.
    Marion Cotillard – Christian Dior
    Not sure what’s going on with her hair, but I love the gradient effect of the gown.
    Emily Blunt (with John Krasinski) – Calvin Klein
    I love the color and the back looks amazing!
    Emma Roberts – Escada
    Another great bold color, I love that she paired it with the thin royal blue belt.
    Dianna Agron – Caroline Herrara
    I love how soft and feminine this look is – and again, amazing color! 
    Jessica Alba – Michael Kors
    Love the Old Hollywood 1940s look with retro curls and ruby red lips.
    January Jones – Versace
    I can’t help but think Silk Spectre from Watchmen, but she does look great.
    Katharine McPhee – Elie Saab
    She looks phenomenal in this so-on-trend tangerine color.
    Hilary Swank – Michael Kors
    Love the rushing and color (there seems to be a trend here), although I probably would have styled it a little differently.
    Lea Michele – Diane von Furstenburg
    Still think she’s trying too hard, but I love the color on her and the fit is great.
    Rashida Jones – Tory Burch
    The dress is pretty and all, but this is probably more on my list because I love Rashida so much <3
    What look was your favorite?