December Goals + May Recap

 December Goals 2017 // The Geeky Fashionista

Yep, I’m bringing back my monthly Goals posts! I always enjoyed writing them but over the summer my blogging really fell behind, and the posts fell to the wayside as I tried to constantly play catch up. With this being the last month of 2017 though (HOW did that happen??), I really wanted to set some end of year goals to get me into that goal setting mindset for 2018.

It’s stupid crazy busy right now with so much traveling and all the holiday plans so I’m not going to be too ambitious and set myself up for failure. Hopefully, these will all be somewhat doable in the next month. But first, let’s revisit my last set of goals all the way back from May and see how I did with those…

May’s Goals Recap

Personal Goals

1. Go gluten and dairy free – I did for at least a month so does that count? Currently, I’m eating gluten in moderation and actually don’t mind eating gluten-free products – it’s just a bit harder on the wallet. While I still avoid drinking regular milk, now that I’m taking dairy pills I can have cheese or an ice cream every now and then.
2. Save money – Not as much as I would’ve liked. I’m happy that I’m able to pay off all my bills at the end of each month and have no debt, but I have little left over for savings so I’m still working on that.
3. Take more photos – I initially wasn’t going to cross this off but I really have been taking more photos lately. Not a lot but more than I have in a long time – I might not necessarily be posting them all but I am taking them at least!

Blog Goals

1. Quickly respond to social media comments – Nope, I’m still terrible at this. Sorry you all 🙁
2. Post 5 times – Yes!! I posted exactly five times in May! ^^;;
2. Reach 1,200 Facebook Likes – Woot, woot! I’m currently at 1,425! Although considering it’s been several months since I set this goal, I feel like it ought to be higher.

Okay, so 4/6 – great! Now for this month’s goals.

December Goals

Personal Goals

1. Get on a better sleeping schedule – I’m an insomniac! Most nights I go to bed around 6am, 4am if I reallyyyy try to go to bed early. It’s so bad and can’t be good for my health or my skin. This is something I’m really trying to make a priority.
2. Sell more stuff – If ya’ll didn’t know, I sell a lot of my clothes and makeup – many of it new still with tags – on sites like Ebay and apps like Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and Vinted. Sales have been doing really well with what I do have up but I still have so much stuff I want to get rid of. My problem is finding the time and energy to take photos and actually list it. People seem to be a pretty good buying mood with the holidays so I’d love to be able to put more stuff up and make a little extra cash for gift buying or savings.
3. Go to the gym – Seriously. I need to do this. And I need to drag my dad there with me too. With my health improving, there’s no excuse. I can’t let a year go by with me only using my year long membership only twice!

Blog Goals

1. Do more outfit posts –  I got some great Cyber Monday deals on some pieces I’ve been stalking for quite a while, and I’m really excited to style some outfits. I’ve been making excuses like “oh, I’ll wait until I’ve lost a little weight or my hair grows out more” before I’ll take photos, but I think I just need to go ahead and face my insecurities and just have fun with it.
2. Post more consistently on Instagram – Kind of connected to above with the making excuses to not take photos – I get a bit of anxiety posting photos of myself and almost feel like I need a “recovery” period after doing so but I’m trying to do it more often so I can get used to it a bit more. I think I put too much pressure on myself with Instagram and I want to stop that. I think posting more often and more consistently will help take that pressure off. Also I’ve really been wanting to grow my follower count but doing so on Instagram has definitely been difficult for me – probably because I post so little >.<
3. Reach 1,500 Facebook Likes – Let’s end this on a milestone! As I stated earlier, I’m currently at 1,425 – let’s see if I can round up 75 more by the end of the year. If you’d like to help me check this goal off my list, please “Like” my FB page – it’d mean the world! <3

What are your December Goals?

  • Jeanine @

    I need to sit down and figure out some goals for myself for December. This is such a great idea, and sounds like something that would help me be way more productive!

  • I so need to do this! Goal setting is important and I do it in other areas of my life, just not blogging (and not as consistently as I’d like. I’m setting a goal now to do some goal setting for my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Lindsey

    Goal setting is awesome! I used to keep out with my own goals this way and it worked so wonderfully!

  • I wish I did this more. I just don’t know how to do it. I am one of those folks who change their minds all the freaking time about things.