April Goals + March Recap

April Goals + March Recap // The Geeky Fashionista

Wow, what a month!! I spent the first half in Australia and the second half working A LOT. Among all the work, however, were some really fun times including St. Patrick’s Day, my sister’s birthday, and Wonder Con! Expect to see some posts this month covering some of those things ^^ 

These last two months were a bit odd for the blog with so much going on in my personal life, but I’m hoping for a return to the old starting with this right on time Goals/Recap post. Despite a fighting exhaustion and depression this last week, I know God is working in my life and listening and answering my prayers. Things have been a bit overwhelming but it’s so clear that He’s got this, and I just need to let go of all my worrying and stress.

Due to being posted late, I only had two weeks to achieve my last set of goals but you know what? I nailed those goals! Keep reading to see how and to check out my April Goals!

March Goals

Personal Goals

1. Get a start on spring cleaning! – Yes!! My sister and I did SO much cleaning in our apartment, and it feels so cathartic. We threw out and recycled SO much stuff! Also, the back of my car is full of things to drop off at Goodwill once I get the chance. Finally, I’ve been selling a lot of still sealed, never used makeup I know I’m not going to use as well as clothing. I hope to continue cleaning, decluttering, and getting rid of stuff via selling all throughout spring.
2. Plan something special for my sister’s birthday – Unfortunately, my sister’s birthday came during not just a busy time for me but it seems for most of our friends as well. Still, I did my best to give her a fun birthday and remind her just how loved and thought of she is by her friends even if they can’t be physically present to celebrate.

Blog Goals

1. Post four times – Including the original Goals post, I had a total of four posts in March, the minimum amount I was hoping for. Yes, a very low number but seeing how I was out of the country for half of the month, I’ll take it. Looking forward to having double that this month ^^
2. Reach 1,800 Instagram followers – This was a good month for my Instagram! I reached and exceeded my goal by a good margin! Woot, woot!!

March was a big success in terms of goals! Since we’re back on track with posting this at the beginning of the month, I went from 4 goals to 6 more challenging goals. Let’s do this!

April Goals

Personal Goals

1. Plan out my cosplays for con season – I’m planning on attending a good number of cons this summer and cosplaying at most if not all of them. I really need to sit down and plan out what I’m doing for what con and make sure I have everything completed for when the time comes.
2. Make time to hang out with friends – I’ve been so busy lately, my social life seems like it’s all but disappeared. If I didn’t live with my sister, I could easily go days without seeing another person. This isn’t the person I want to be though – I have amazing friends and I want to make them a priority even with all the craziness and traveling going on around me.
3. Get active – On top of having no social life, I feel like I’ve barely done any kind of exercise or physical activity recently. It’s pretty sad. Whether it be walking, running, hiking, yoga, elliptical, whatever, I need to step away from the computer and do SOMETHING.

Blog Goals

1. Post eight times – Yep, after two personally volatile months that resulted in only four posts each, I’m ready to get back on track to my old 8+ plus posts a month. With so much going on to write about, I hope this will be easily achievable.  
2. Reach 1,900 2,000 Instagram followers – I can’t believe how quickly I reached last month’s goal of 1,800 followers! I know I’m not that far off from reaching this new goal but as I’m still going to play it safe and aim for 1,900. The cynic in me is afraid many of these new followers are follow/unfollow people and I’ll lose 50 or more in a day >.< Here’s hoping they are actually genuine! If you’d like to be a genuine follower and help me reach my goal, I’d be so grateful! <3 EDIT: I already hit 1,900 followers since the time this post was scheduled so I’ll be ambitious and up it to 2,000 followers. Lofty goal but I’d be THRILLED to hit it!
3. Shoot and edit 3 Youtube videos – I’m planning on starting up my Youtube channel again!! I’m having some issues with my camera and want to up my editing game so I have a few things to sort out but a goal I have for this month is to at least shoot and edit 3 videos that I can schedule for when I’m ready to relaunch.

What are your April Goals?

  • Mary Vanecko

    Love your goal setting!! Congrats on reaching all of your following goals.I’m starting a company focused on goal setting/ empowering girls. Check out ellajewelryco.com

  • Samantha

    You are one busy girl! Spending half the month in Australia sounds amazing, and you still crushed your goals! Good luck with your posts and everything else this month!

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    You have a lot going on this month!! Good luck with your Youtube channel! You are going to crush it.

  • Andy J. Salgado

    Your blog is very pretty! 😀 And I love the instagram goal, that is the same problem I am having, I wonder how genuine they actually are, but hey you have to put out and you will get back! BTW…. I followed you 🙂

  • Talisa Garbo

    I like the accountability of creating a blog post with your blogging goals. Genius! I usually write mine out in my bullet journal. This would definitely push a person to get EVERYTHING done though, because it’s online literally for the world to see.

    8 posts per month, love it! That’s my general goal as well, 2x a week for 4 weeks.

    Your blog’s beautiful!

  • Carlie Dreux Rice

    I love these ideas! I definitely forget to make time for friends and I think it’s important to set goals for blog life, personal life, and everything else!! xx


  • Sarah Jean

    Congrats on achieving all your goals this month! I only post 4 articles a month too but once I get day job under control hope to up that too.

  • You kicked butt in March! I hope you do just as well this month. I need to make time to hang out with friends too, I think that with all of the work that I do I forget about taking time for myself and my friends.

  • Melissa Chee

    Way to slay your Instagram goal!

  • Yay I’m glad you had such a great month! I met and exceeded my Instagram goal for March too. Go us! 😀

  • wow! Congrats on your Insta jump! that is a lot of great growth on social!

  • I love reading about others blogging and vlogging goals. It helps to motivate me!

  • you are doing great! keep up the good work…..would like to hear about your strategy for growing followers that quick!

  • Kerona Ledgister

    you have been doing great so far hop you do get to accomplish all your goals this month!!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    Wow! Keep up the great work!! I need to get better at goal setting!!

  • Great goals to have! Sharing them is such a big part of reaching them! <3

  • At this point? My April goals are to survive… Haha! You are going to do great though!

  • Congrats on meeting your March goals and good luck with your goals for April! It seems like you’re on track for another great month!