August Goals + July Recap

 August Goals
 What, it’s August already? Of course, it is. I can’t even act surprised that July flew by because that’s how it is every year thanks to San Diego Comic Con. It’s been over a week since it ended and somehow I STILL feel exhausted. -__- July wasn’t a great month for my goals, Comic Con really did take over, and I didn’t get to tend to my blog (or life lol) as much as I’d hope. Here’s hoping I can do a little catching up this month with my August goals.

July Goals Recap 

Personal Goals 

1. Cosplay at Comic Con for the first time – YES! I wore three different costumes on three different days and had a blast doing it! I can’t wait to make more costumes and cosplay at other conventions! Look out for my Friday SDCC recap post to see my Han Solo cosplay!
2. Get my car to the auto shop – Fail. There just wasn’t time in the month.
3. Mail a letter – I sent two letters last month, one of which was to my dad. Of course, I can just call my dad up at anytime to talk to him, but I thought it’d be nice to send him a handwritten card that he could physically hold and keep. Needless to say he loved it <3
4. Film a YouTube video – Fail again. Sigh. I really do want to start creating videos again, but I forgot how much prep goes into them and how time consuming they can be. I’m going to retire this goal for now as it’s my last month of Paralegal classes and I’ll be pretty busy with Comic Con posts.

Blog Goals

1. Reach 500 likes on Facebook or Pinterest – Didn’t quite make it this month. I went from 337 to 419 on Facebook and 380 to 462 on Pinterest. That’s exactly 82 likes for each – almost, but not quite there.
2. Make Pinterest graphics for old but popular posts – Another nope, turns out many of my older more popular posts didn’t even have photos! -Which means I need to find some stock photos which really isn’t one of my favorite things to do as it tends to be super time consuming for me >.< I’m going to retire this goal for now for some other Pinterest-related goals.
3. Write a full Comic Con recap – Since Comic Con was the third week of July, there hasn’t been enough time for me to fully complete this yet. I’ve done 2 posts so far and have another going up this week so it’s looking good! 
4. Create a media kit – Yet again, this was an epic fail. HOW do I keep putting this off?
5. Make business cards for my blog and hand some out at Comic Con – Yes! I handed out a few at the Game of Bloggers blogger meet up and then later to cosplayers so they could check out the photos I took of them on the blog. I didn’t start doing this until the last day of Comic Con, unfortunately, and also didn’t think to hand them out to people as they took MY pictures until after the con. So many great opportunities to promote the blog but too late. Oh well, next con, I know exactly what I’m going to do and I’m going to hand out TONS of these pretty babies.

August Goals

Personal Goals

1. Sell more – In case you didn’t know, I sell a lot of my clothing (both new and used), makeup, etc. on various apps like Poshmark (@geekfashionista), Vinted (@winesosirius), Mercari (I think it’s just my name Amanda Rosson), and Ebay (@ambitiousdreams). I had some big sales last month but overall the number of sales have really slowed down during the summer. Over the weekend, I listed a bunch of new clothes, Comic Con swag, and merch from Anime Expo and will continue to add more throughout the month and hopefully get some sales goings!
2. Get my car to the auto shop – Gotta get this done! 
3. Eat more veggies – Comic Con is never good for your eating habits. While we did do better this year by incorporating more fresh fruit into our diet, we still mostly got by on ramen and 2 for $5 hot dogs. I just bought a steamer and wok and am looking forward to all the fun new ways I can now cook my veggies.

Blog Goals 

1. Reach 500 likes on Facebook or Pinterest – Going to aim for this again this month and hopefully reach it this time around! So close!
2. Re-organize my Pinterest boards – I really want to give my Pinterest account a complete makeover. I want to utilize it better to promote my blog and posts and am looking into Tailwind and Board Booster – but before I give those tools a try, I feel like my account needs stronger brand identity, and I’m hoping to do this by cleaning up my boards, adding more relevant categories, hiding irrelevant ones, etc.
3. Join a Pinterest group board – Piggybacking off the last goal, I’d love to join a Pinterest group board specifically for bloggers. If anyone knows any good ones accepting members, please comment and let me know!
4. Complete my Comic Con recap posts – I’m about halfway there already, might as well hold myself accountable to see it through to the end. Also hoping to do a Comic Con cosplay post with some of the amazing costumes I saw as well as one dedicated to the Her Universe Fashion Show.
5. Create a media kit – Third time’s the charm!

What are your August Goals?

  • Joules (Pocketful of Joules)

    Great job on holding yourself accountable! I think I need to add ‘eat more veggies’ to my list too! =)

    • Haha thanks, Joules! We all could probably stand to eat more veggies πŸ™‚ xx Amanda

  • oh gosh three outfits for comic con that’s so awesome!! Good luck with your goals this month! Eating veggies is important, I get mine delivered because then I feel like I have no excuses and have to eat them!!

  • I will totally be keeping an eye out for your comic con recap!

  • it sounds like a great list of goals, I need to start eating better too.. we have had back to back vacations so I am way off the wagon!

  • Good luck with your goal i will be back to see how you get on. xx

  • Julie McLelland

    Good luck! I love that you put your goals out here to help you stay accountable. Great idea.

  • It sounds like you had so much fun with cosplay and everything and you did really well at the social stats but this month I know you can kill it and get all of those goals accomplished!

    La Belle Sirene

    • Awww, you are so sweet, Courtney!! Thank you! I sure hope so! <3 xx Amanda

  • Hope you are able to achieve all your goals. I also have Pinterest blog pics and media kit on my list for this month.

    Debs x

  • Can’t wait to read your Comic Con recaps and see your outfits. I am going to try and create a BB8 costume for my daughter for Halloween, based off of a video I saw someone make for their daughter for CosPlay. I found you through Show your Blog Love, but a good pinterest FB is Bloggers Get Social, have you joined that one? I like it because it’s an all or nothing type of board, and it typically gets 20-30 people participating, so it’s doable to reciprocate for Pinterest. Good luck!

  • KRPS

    I love making a list and crossing things off the list! Sometimes I even write something down after I did it just to cross it off πŸ™‚

  • Extra Income Project

    I saw improvements on Pinterest by reorganising my boards and cleaning up my images. Make that a priority to grow your audience on there. Keep up the great work. You should check out my income and traffic reports on my blog for some tips to help you with growth.

  • All the best with your goals! πŸ™‚ I’d love to reach 500 Facebook followers this month too!

    • Thank you, Nicole! And best of luck to you as well πŸ™‚ xx Amanda

  • Nelo Obi

    hmm, love the way you outline your goals monthly, I love it, I have only started setting weekly goals but I think that writing them out on the blog makes you more accountable? No?

    • Yes, it definitely helps keep me accountable and I think that’s so important in motivating me to accomplish my goals πŸ™‚ xx Amanda

  • Good luck with your goals this month! So awesome you were able to attend Comic Con!

    • Thank you, Rachel! Comic Con is definitely one of the highlights of my year ^^ xx Amanda

  • I definitely need to work on my Pinterest. I keep putting it off! I hope you get a lot accomplished this month, and I can’t wait to hear about Comic Con!

  • Dia

    You can do it! Still so jealous you got to go to SDCC.. Game of Bloggers sounds amazing. I’m leaving for Blogher16 Thursday and just holding my breath. Best of luck in August.

  • Rachel Golden

    You have awesome goals! I’ve been getting more into Pinterest lately and love where its taking me. I can’t wait to read about Comic Con, though!! You must have had a blast πŸ™‚

  • Good luck with your goals this month! I am sure you’ll kill them.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Alexandra

    Good luck with you goals. Might have try doing a post like this so that I can start keep on track with my goals.

    • Thank you, Alexandra! It’s definitely a great way to keep track of your goals! xx Amanda

  • Congrats on your accomplishments! I love reading peoples goals! I belong to a ton of group boards – a lot are food, but a lot aren’t. Feel free to check them out. Most people accepting new contributors will have directions on how to ask to be added in the boards description. There is also a website called PinGroupies you can use to help find group boards and it shows you all the board’s stats. The only problem I run in to constantly is people not telling you how to be added. Hope this helps!

  • I think it is always good to have goals but it’s okay that sometimes we just don’t hit them! Life can get pretty crazy! Good luck in August!

    • Thanks, Kristin! So true – sometimes life just happens! xx Amanda

  • How fun that you went to Comic Con! I have always wanted to go — I keep telling myself “next year” ha ha. I will have to come back Friday to see your post! Way to go on gaining more followers! You will for sure hit your goal this month. For selling your clothes, which website do you have the most luck using?

  • Chanel van Reenen

    I love all these goals! YAY for Comic Con! I can’t wait to read your post. Grimm is my favorite show on TV> I just followed you on Facebook and Pinterest so you are one like closer to your goal! Also, there are cheap templates you can buy on Etsy to help you get started with your media kit πŸ™‚

  • Lottie Moor

    These are brilliant goals and YAY FOR COMICON OMG! I love cosplay and I’m so happy for you to do your first one! A media kit is really easy to sort out – I made mine on Canva using all free elements so it cost me nothing!

    Lottie xx

  • That reminds me…I really need to update my media kit this month! Great accomplishments last month! I bet you will do awesome things in August!

    • Thank you, Logan! Glad I was able to remind you about your media kit! (: xx Amanda

  • Omg I would love to go to Comic Con one day!!

    Ivelisse |

    • It’s the BEST!! I hope you get to go one day as well!! xx Amanda

  • Awesome job on all your goals this month! You came super close on your social media goals and I bet you’ll reach them this month!

  • Thesr are such great goals! You accomplished so much! I would love to do Comic con one day! Cant wait to read your recap!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I love this! I lvoe the comic con costumes. Well done! πŸ™‚

  • Jenine Isa

    YESSS to making goals. I’m a little late but i will be setting mine today!

    • That’s so great! Good luck on reaching your goals, Jenine! xx Amanda

  • Leslie Nichole

    You’ve got some good goals. I’m sharing a few too. Goals help keep ya motivated. Good luck!

    • Thank you, Leslie! Yes, I think it’s so important to set goals for ourselves to keep us motivated! Good luck on your own goals! xx Amanda

  • Abby Grajewski

    This is such a great way to hold yourself accountable and have reflection on how you are doing. Keep it up!

  • Wanderlust Girl (kyia belle)

    Comic con is awesome!! It’s so cool you got to cosplay in it- hoping to do it this year… But we never know. Good luck with your goals! xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

  • I love these goals, certainly inspirational! My goals? Probably just to create a lot more interaction on my blog. fingers crossed πŸ™‚

    Mimi | According to Mimi

  • Mardene Carr

    I love the balance with the goals you have set. Sometimes we forget that balance is needed

  • I love that you wrote a letter to your dad. Sweetest thing ever.

  • I need to focus on Pinterest this month too! Best of luck with your goals!

  • Cosplaying at ComicCon sounds like a really fun and memorable experience! Seems like it was a pretty awesome July!