5 Fandom Friday: Guilty Pleasures

Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick

This week’s theme: Fandom Guilty Pleasures

1. Voltage Otome Games – Definitely not something I publicize, these are guilty pleasures for me in the truest sense especially since I have to pay for the stories (I still can’t believe how many I’ve purchased). I started playing them heavily maybe two years ago, took a bit of a break, then came back to it over the holidays. My favorite current series is Metro PD: Close to You where you play a special investigations detective. The banter between all the characters is super witty and funny and the cases are really interesting! I’ve also really enjoyed In Your Arms Tonight and the discontinued (WHY?) Kiss of Revenge stories. If you want a free option, I recommend My Forged Wedding: Party which is more of a social media game.
2. Sailor Moon – One of my very first fandoms, I started watching Sailor Moon every morning before preschool. I became totally obsessed, and I eventually had Sailor Moon EVERYTHING – dolls, figures, posters, cds, blankets, play sets, school supplies, etc. Looking back, I realize it’s kind of a silly show but it’s one of those fandoms I find myself always coming back to every year and will never let go if simply just for the nostalgia factor. However, now with Crystal and the new dub on Hulu, I have plenty of new reasons to indulge in this guilty pleasure each week.
3. The Bachelor/ette – I prided myself on never having seen an episode of this infamous show, but started watching Kaitlyn’s season of the Bachelorette as a way to hang out with friends since they would have viewing parties each week. Before I knew it, I found myself looking forward to the drama and craziness of each episode. When I found out nice guy Ben was going to be the next Bachelor, I knew I had to watch that season too. Now with me counting down till the premiere of the latest Bachelorette (my girl crush Jojo), I know I’m hooked and part of Bachelor Nation.
4. Taylor Swift – I know 2015 was totally Taylor’s year and she was everywhere so she shouldn’t really be considered a guilty pleasure, but it just might be her mainstream success that has made her unpopular with many especially with the people I know. Regardless, I have no shame saying I love both her and her music – the girl has talent and is a great role model.
5. Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles – Okay, this is very recent. These were on sale at Ralph’s this week so my sister bought a bag. We quickly ate it so I bought another bag. We also quickly ate that. We haven’t bought another bag YET, but will probably do so tomorrow and I have a feeling we will quickly eat that too. It’s just impossible to only have a chip or two. 
What are your guilty pleasures?
  • How fun! I recently downloaded a Korean game called Mystic Messenger. It’s a fun game where you wind up in a text chat with some boys from Korea. You have to do daily missions and you don’t really get to pick the route for the guy that falls for you. It kind of unfolds naturally based upon what you say to the boys in chat. Kind of a different way to play an otome game. 🙂

    • I keep hearing about this Mystic Messenger!! I’ve looked for it on my iPhone and iPad but couldn’t find it in the App store 🙁 I think it’s only for Android users right now – let me know if that isn’t the case because I would definitely download it in a heartbeat! Sounds so unique and interesting! I really want to check it out!