Oscars Viewing Party!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Oscars weekend! My friend Lee goes all out every year to put on the most amazing Oscars Viewing Party and this year was by far the best year yet! Decorations, food, photo wall, Oscars pool, Best Dressed award, trivia, sponsors, the most amazing friends – this party had it all.

How handsome is my man in a suit?? I am one lucky lady!

How our Oscars pool went down – Ballots with our predictions were promptly turned in at 5:30pm at the start of the show. Various attendees – myself included – were appointed as “judges” to score a handful of ballots (of course not our own) as winners were announced. At the end of the show, each judge announces their highest score and then the winner and runner up are revealed. I tend to be pretty good when it comes to these things, but I hadn’t predicted Mad Max to win the Sound categories and as a result tied for second with 16 out of 24 correct predictions. I didn’t mind though because I was really happy my boyfriend came in first with 17/24. First place prize was The Martian on Blu-Ray and second was The Good Dinosaur on Blu-Ray.

This year’s Best Dressed Award went to my lovely friend Holli who looked stunning in a white floor length gown. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask her where she got it from.
As I did last year, I made a makeshift gown by wearing a long sheer skirt (from Urban Outfitters) with a bustier top. I bought the gold sequin top on sale in college several years ago at a boutique but have never worn it – I can never find the right occasion, but the Oscars seemed perfect! Since the skirt is sheer and the corset showed underneath, I wore a pair of black high-waisted leggings. I kept accessories simple with just a pair of Forever 21 earrings I recently purchased. My hair genie sister put my hair up in a high ponytail and curled the ends. For makeup, I used my Urban Decay Smokey Palette and my new favorite Rimmel lipstick. I might post a more detailed makeup post later ^^

A few highlights/thoughts from this year…
Chris Rock’s opening monologue – I thought he did a great job as host.
R2-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8!!! I loved seeing my favorite droids on stage!
Louis CK for next year’s host! He is hilarious.
Seeing Leonard Nimoy in the Memorium tribute hit me HARD right in the feels.
Lady Gaga’s chilling and powerful performance.
And of course, Leo finally, FINALLY winning his much deserved Oscar. And Kate Winslet’s teary face as he gave his acceptance speech.
Although not technically having to do with the Oscars, after the party I went up to our friend John and Holli’s apartment to meet their new ragdoll kitten named LEO (so it’s somewhat Oscars relevant) and he is absolutely adorable and makes me miss my kitty even more than I already do.

And then lowlights…
Star Wars not winning anything – I for sure thought it would at least get Visual Effects. Where did Ex Machina come from?

Quick plug: Our friend Andrew owns a company that makes handcrafted wooden sunglasses in Venice Beach, CA. Sounds amazing, right? Well, they are ^^ and I’d love it if you’d check out his website www.MavEyewear.com or Instagram page @MaverickEyewear <3 (totally not paid or sponsored, just wanting to give a shout out to a friend!)
What did you all think of this year’s Oscars?