5 Fandom Friday: 5 Things In My Purse At All Times

Brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick

This week’s theme: 5 Things In My Purse At All Times

Honestly, I’m surprised this week’s topic isn’t at all Oscars related! I thought about framing it within the context of what items I would bring with me on the red carpet…but I didn’t. I have plenty of Oscars-related posts planned (including my annual Best Dressed List!) so I’m keeping it straightforward – here is what is literally in my purse at all times.

1. Kate Spade Change Purse

I’ve used this change purse as my “wallet” for several years now and it carries everything from my driver’s license, credit cards, cash, coins, and coupons.
2. Keys
Pretty self explanatory. I have keys for my home, work, and car. I’d love to add a little nerdy keychain sometime but right now I just have a leather strip with my name on it that was a handmade gift from one of the actors at the talent agency I work for. I’m always fumbling around in my bag trying to find my keys and it really helps me in locating them faster.
3. Lip Balm/Butter/Chapstick
Although I’m not really prone to super dry or chapped lips, I do love my moisturizing lip products! Some of my favorites include: Nivea’s Lip Butter, Maybelline’s Baby Lips (pictured here) and Lip Butters, Lush’s Lip Balm, and Burt’s Bee’s Chapstick. 
4. Star War Moleskine Planner
Unless I’m using a clutch purse (rare) or my Rebecca Minkoff bag (typically just date nights), I pretty much always carry my planner with me at all times. I’m a busy girl with a crazy schedule and this helps me keep all my plans organized. I love Moleskine and was psyched when I found out they had a Star Wars line. The products still look sleek and high quality but allow you to show off your fandom love.
5. Portable Phone Battery Charger
I’m terrible about charging my phone at night and can’t charge in my car so carrying an portable battery charger is essential – especially when I know I’m going to be out and about all day. The floral print charger pictured here is sold out at Urban Outfitters. While it IS cute and works for emergencies, if you’re looking for something that will last heavy phone usage ALL day, I highly recommend THIS charger by New Trent. My family has 3 of them that we bought for Comic Con – serious life savers.
What items do you keep in your purse at all times?