Instagram Diaries #6: Spring 2012, Part 2

Part Two of my look at this past semester via Instagram. Follow me! My username is geekyfashionista <3

  1. Bubble Bread from my favorite Tallahassee restaurant, Bella Bella. It is seriously AH-MAZING.
  2. Part of my ever-growing Revlon Lip Butter collection. I’m obsessed!
  3. Market Wednesday with my fellow beauty addict, Big, and best friend. I love this girl <3
  4. My one St. Patrick’s Day drink – strawberry daiquiri at the beach during my sisterhood retreat.
  5. Midnight Hunger Games showing! My roommate and I rocked matching Mockingjay pins and side braids.
  6. I was super psyched to buy my NARS Laguna bronzer after lusting after it for so long! And yes, that is my signed (!!) Ian Somerhalder poster in the mirror.
  7. I use to be SO addicted to Angry Birds. This is a little gift a friend of mine made for me – I can’t get over how awesome it is.
Hope you guys didn’t mind my little stroll down (recent) memory lane!
  • Oh my gosh all that food!! Making me so hungry haha.. It looks amazing! Lovely post:) xxxxxxx

  • I want to get the Nars bronzer. Read so many good reviews about it and the color is absolutely gorgeous!

    Found your blog through blog-hop, new follower of you πŸ™‚ Hope you will hop by mine some time too!

  • Love the braid for the Hunger Games!

    New follow from the blog hop! Hope you get a chance to stop by my blog.

    xo, Jersey Girl

  • I love your revlon lip butter collection! I can't wait till I get my first one. Do you have a shade that you'd recommend for someone with really tan skin? πŸ™‚


    Found you on the blog hop, now following!

  • Haha, I'm definitely one of those people that like to take pictures of their food. Thanks!

    <3 Amanda,

  • I really am in love with it! So perfect for summer too!! Just stopped by your blog and loved it! Thanks for following! (:

    <3 Amanda,

  • LOVE the lip butters! Stopping by from the BlogHop – definitely your newest follower.

    Have a wonderful rest of your week πŸ™‚

    xo Georgina

  • Lip butters and hunger games and WHIPPED CREAM, oh my!

  • Thanks for the visit and follow!! Just stopped by and loved your blog! Entered your giveaway too ^^

    <3 Amanda,

  • Omg that bubble bread looks deliciouss!

    I absolutely love your blog! =) I'm now following!

  • Aww, thank you!! You should definitely try the lip butters! You'll get hooked! I'm super pale lol but I've heard that Berry Smoothie and Cherry Tart are great for tan skin (:

    <3 Amanda,

  • Aww, thank you, Georgina! You too!! (:

    <3 Amanda,

  • Haha, good stuff! πŸ˜€

    <3 Amanda,

  • It's even more delicious than it looks! I think I read a review for the restaurant somewhere that said their Bubble Bread proves that heaven exists lol. And thank you so much, Melanie!! I love your blog!! ^^

    <3 Amanda,