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Gift Guide: Cat Lovers

Gift Guide for Cat Lovers
I am a self-professed cat lover. They have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember and, at one point, my family had 10 of them (and only 1 was an outdoor cat). I know I’m not the only one obsessed with these adorable creatures, so I’ve put together a gift guide that will make the cat lover in your life purr.

  1. Angel Eye Print Dress (ASOS, $45)
  2. Measuring Cups (Urban Outfitters, $24)
  3. Paul & Joe Lipstick (Urban Outfitters, $25)
  4. Peter Jensen Sweater (Urban Outfitters, $59)
  5. Height of the Morning Mug in Cat (Modcloth, $28)
  6. Cat Pillow (Urban Outfitters, $19)
  7. Intarsia Sweater (ASOS, $136)
  8. Cat & Mouse Scarf – (ASOS, $89)
  9. Dolly Cat Sweater (ASOS, $72)
  10. Beanie (ASOS, $22)
  11. Soap Dispenser (Urban Outfitters, $14)
  12. Cutting Board (Urban Outfitters, $16)
  13. Necklace (Forever21, $8)
  14. Pillow Pet (Target, $13)
  15. Mini Print Scarf (ASOS, $33)
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