2011 Teen Choice Awards: Guys Edition

The Teen Choice Awards proved that guys can have just as many hits and misses as their female counterparts. As a result, I decided to do my very first Male “Best/Worst Dressed” list! I’ve compacted it into one post of five “Best Dressed” looks and five “Worst Dressed.” Sorry if you guys are over the TCA, I promise this will be the last post focused on it!

Best Dressed

#1 – Chris Hemsworth

#2 – Taylor Lautner

#3 – Kellan Lutz

#4 – Tyler Blackburn

#5 – Paul Wesley

Worst Dressed

#1 – Jason Derule

#2 – Kevin McHale

#3 – Rupert Grint

#9 – Justin Bieber

#5 – Cory Montieth

Opinions? How did the guys measure up to you all?